Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Designing iOS7 Style Icons

With Apple continuing to be a trend setter in the design world, it can’t hurt to spend some time on mimicking their style. Here’s a nice walk-through on creating iOS7-esque icons.


Daily Design Inspiration In Your News Feed

Shameless plug – but we’re proud of this curation. Get some design inspiration coming into your Facebook news feed daily, by liking these awesome pages.


The Jackpot Of Responsive Typography Tutorials

The good folk at Awwwards have put together a brilliant and helpful collection of articles & tutorials for, what they call, 99% of the responsive web.



Pretty much love this app. Point your iPhone’s camera to any object, and get a color palette based off that object, in real time. You can even save and share palettes. SO COOL!


Tiny Death Star

If you love the addictive game Tiny Tower, you will love this. If you love Star Wars, you will think this is cute. If you love Tiny Tower and Star Wars independently, then this will be your face after reading the post.