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In honor of  jQuery Conference Austin this week, here is a jQuery edition of (mt) Shareables. Enjoy!


Building A Development Culture

Shopify developer Monika Piotrowicz gave a talk at jQuery Con about “creating a stronger developer process and culture to support dev learning and strengthen creative influence.” Her slide deck is informative & equally entertaining – complete with kitten photos.


“Sudo Make Me A Sandwich” IRL

A Node.js + Phantom.js command line application that will automatically order you a sandwich from Jimmy John’s. Best demonstration of automation evar?


jQuery UI VS Kendo UI

If you’re looking to try something new with your next project, check out this side by side comparison of two of the most popular JS UI libraries.


Transitions & Transformations Plug-in

Make your life easier when creating animations by using this awesome jQuery plugin. With Transit, you can create “super-smooth” CSS3 transitions & transformations.


Adaptive Images For Responsive Design

Get a rich overview of creating adaptive images for various bandwidths & devices, as presented at jQuery Conference by designer Christopher Schmitt.