Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Cutting Through B2B Information Overload

“Everyone wants multimedia.” “No one reads.” “Everyone is busy.” These are just a few gems from this smart infographic about how to cut through the noise with effective storytelling.


Best Ever Uses Of Helvetica

Helvetica chocolate. A Helvetica R2-D2. Check out those and more of the “best ever uses” of the designers favorite font.


Designing UI For Your Mother

Once again, the up & coming blog platform Medium provides another solid article. This read is highly recommended for designers, as it refreshes your perspective and reminds you that not everyone is a “power user”.



I’m pretty sure I remember a quick poll to our readers about influential designers and artist turning up Bill Watterson as the favorite. The upcoming Dear Mr. Watterson has an awesome social campaign that is sure to make you nostalgic.


A Search Engine For Source Code

It’s not perfect, but it’s an interesting concept and can be useful for searching HTML, finding backlinks and more. We wonder if Google will venture into this area of search…