Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Designing With Motion

This is a must read for designers. Responsive design is industry standard now, but what makes a UI feel “alive”? This article explores smart and “organic” animated design, with thorough explanations and excellent examples.


What Font Is Your Beard?

Mustaches, goatees, and chops also apply.


Brilliant Content Marketing Lessons From UpWorthy

Did you know that UpWorthy is the World’s fastest growing online publication? This extremely helpful and entertaining post highlights their razor sharp tactics. One of my favorites: the “your Mom rule”.


“They’re Using It At Coffee Shops”

This product/service is clearly legit – I mean, they’re using it at coffee shops…


Change This Pixel Wall To Suit Your Mood

How brilliant is this? Sorry to tease you, but it’s just a concept for now. Although, if you put forth the time, effort and money, you could build one for yourself!