Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Beautiful Animated GIF’s

If you’re looking for design inspiration or just want to admire some good design work, this collection of GIF’s is worth a look. Designer & artist Guillaume Kurkdjian posts a silly, yet beautifully made GIF every week.


40 Days Of Dating: A Reality-Blog

This (mt) hosted “reality-blog” is going viral! Two friends, both graphic designers, decide to date exclusively for 40 days. They document their experience in one of the best storytelling blog formats we’ve ever seen.


Epic Photo Entries In Red Bull’s Photo Contest

Whether you’re an athletic thrill junky or not, these photos are sure to get some ooh’s and aah’s out of you. You might even see them and be compelled to do something bold! Or… you’ll just say “coooooool” and share it on Facebook.


Web Designers VS Web Developers

Well this certainly was popular on our Facebook page. Two sides of the same coin, this hilarious infographic seems to be pretty spot on when comparing our two favorite professions.


Skynet Is Coming

Skynet is often joked about when referring to AI. But when a computing giant like IBM starts talking about developing a “new cognitive ecosystem”, it makes one wonder how far off the jokes are…