Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Hipster Logo Design Guide

YOU KNOW YOU LOVE THEM. Come on, we all know and love these simplistic, flat designs that decorate the modern web. This guide is funny, and potentially helpful if this style isn’t your usual thing.


27 Tips For Mastering Your Destiny

It sounds like a tall order, but best selling author Robert Greene has done his homework. We recommend revisiting this read on a regular basis.


Designer Excuses

Admit it – you’ve used one or all of these at some point. Or every day.


The Other 98% Of SnapChat

Most people look at SnapChat as a tween playground. (mt) buddy Gary Vaynerchuk of course tries to think outside the box, and question the creative potential of the platform.


Entitled Tech Worker

This Twitter account is a hilarious but shameful reminder of who we are. Hopefully, you’ll respond to most tweets with an eye roll, but chances are you’ll relate to a few of these “first world problems”.