new-from-mt-1 It’s a big day here at (mt) Media Temple. While our leadership team is at HostingCon speaking on topics like building community and delivering amazing support, we’re also announcing two major product releases and you may notice a change in the way we look.

What is the new DV?
We’ve consolidated all of our VPS platforms into one single, simple platform named the “DV”. We’ve simplified the VPS product line by consolidating and eliminating some things. We’ve removed the parens () ornamentation and we are no longer using version numbers. We’ve upgraded and changed the products formerly known as (dv) and (ve),  to DV Managed and DV Developer.

What’s new about the DV platform?
With a new SLA, upgraded hardware, new virtualization under the hood, and enhanced premium support options, the DV platform delivers the reliability entrepreneurs and creators need to build their online business. The DV platform is covered by an SLA, called the 20/20 Uptime Guarantee, ensuring 99.999% uptime. We will credit a customer 20% of their monthly service charge for each 20 minutes of downtime. That’s an industry leading SLA.

“We are on a mission to make things more simple for our customers,” said Demian Sellfors, co-founder and CEO of (mt) Media Temple. “We now offer managed services so businesses can focus on what counts most, and we also now offer streamlined platforms that allow developers to reach their goals faster. Our new DV is the most efficient digital infrastructure we’ve ever built.”

What’s newer without faster?
We’ve upgraded the hardware to the newest 2013 technology standards. More importantly, however, we’ve also completely updated the underlying virtualization software and operating systems that powers the DV platform. This results in your applications, backups, and reboots running more than 25% faster.

Taking support further with CloudTech Premium Support.
Along with launching the new DV platform, we’ve also enhanced and expanded our premium support options and given them a new name: CloudTech. Managing your sites and apps is getting increasingly complicated. We’re happy to offer our customers a powerful solution to ease web management anxiety. When your site or app issues go above and beyond our normal scope of support your certified (mt) CloudTech engineers can help.

“Third-party application-level support is risky business,” said Robert Gregory, vice president of Customer Support at (mt) Media Temple. “Our customers trust us to provide support at the server level and now they can trust us to handle the complex issues that could slow down or even crash their applications.”

They can analyze your code, optimize your server, install your web apps, tweak your security settings, and more—each for a low, single-service price. CloudTech is extended technical support from the experts you already know and trust, only at (mt).

Check out our totally redesigned product pages to learn more about CloudTech and the new DV platform. You can also contact sales or give us a shout on Twitter with feedback or questions.