shareables-w2-v2Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


A Heap of jQuery Plugins

When I say heap, I mean HEAP. This is a massive collection of excellent jQuery plugins.”


iPad Programming Language for Kids

When we played hopscotch as kids, it didn’t exactly arm us with knowledge to help develop a useable skill. The Hopscotch app does exactly that.


Building Trust in Your Social Brand

This excellent article was produced by (mt) friends and partners TwitSpark.  Read on for insight on how to obtain and maintain trust in your brand, in this very social media driven world.


Should Have Used Helvetica

Even though the site isn’t selling stickers anymore, the sentiment and idea are appreciated by web designers everywhere. Really, it’s just an excuse to hate on Comic Sans some more.


Creative Sandwich Bag Art

For the last 5 years, this graphic designer dad challenged his creativity by drawing unique pictures on his kids sandwich bags. He takes a picture of each one and now has an amazing collection of art on his Flickr page