If you’re an (mt) customer and an active Twitter user, you have probably interacted with our account at some point. Since 2009, Media Temple has been actively providing 24/7 customer support via our Twitter account, @mediatemple. We also use the account to share special deals, helpful articles, event info, and the occasional meme with our loyal followers. Now, we’re going to streamline and organize the way we engage with you on Twitter.

Starting today, we are launching the @mediatemplehelp Twitter account. The @mediatemplehelp handle will be staffed 24/7 with support agents, just as @mediatemple has been. Follow @mediatemplehelp, and we’ll always be right there whenever you need help or have questions. Of course, if you still want to read about the fun stuff that we’re doing, you should continue to follow @mediatemple for all the latest (mt) promotions and news.

We’re so excited to bring this enhanced social experience to you. To celebrate, we’re giving free hosting for life to one of @mediatemplehelp’s first 100 followers! Follow @mediatemplehelp now to be in the running- and maybe say “Hi” while you’re at it.

UPDATE: Wow! We hit 100 already. We’re upping the ante- for every 100 followers, we will choose one person to receive free hosting for life. We’ll do this until we hit 1000 followers! 

UPDATE 2 – Our winners: @thisisleftbrain, @sdsmith1981, @patrickbjohnson, @ajhackwith, @mikowl, @webjobbing, @logorrhoea, @gotfox, @mistersnodgrass, @0100


Q: If I send a message to @mediatemple asking for support, will I just not get a response? How about if I send a non-support related tweet to @mediatemplehelp?
A: No! You will always get a response from one of the official (mt) Twitter handles. We will still maintain 100% engagement, 24/7.

Q: Is @mt_status an official Media Temple Twitter account?
A: That account is no longer managed by Media Temple.

Q: Who will be responding to me?
A: The (mt) Twitter support team will be monitoring and responding on both handles. You can reference the legend on our Twitter background pages to see who you’re talking to!

Q: If I win free hosting for life, does that apply to all my services?
A: No. If you have multiple services on your account, it will apply to one service only- (gs) Grid Service, or (dv) Dedicated-Virtual level 1.

What do you think of this change? We want to hear from you! We welcome and encourage any feedback you may have in the comments below.

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