UPDATE: We’ve now doubled the RAM for all NEW PROVISIONS of (dv) 4.0 and (ve) servers!

Media Temple is pleased to announce that, starting next week, we’re giving twice the RAM to all (dv) 4.0 and (ve) Server accounts–without raising our prices. Why? It’s simple: Making things better and easier for our customers is the whole reason we’re here.

Our Site Operations team will start upgrading existing accounts on January 14th, and we’ll have everyone taken care of by the end of March. The upgrades will take place Monday and Thursday nights between the hours of 9pm – 4am PST and we are not anticipating any extra downtime.

No need to contact us–every current (dv) 4.0 / (ve) Server customer is already scheduled to be upgraded. You will be notified at least 72 hours before the upgrade takes place. You’ll also receive an email when yours is complete. At that point, you’ll be directed to the AccountCenter, where you simply click the Activate button to turn on your RAM upgrade.

So have a happy and productive 2013, (dv) 4.0 / (ve) customers, and enjoy your extra RAM!

We are currently not doubling RAM for (dv) 3.0 or 3.5. If you’re still using one of those products, you can easily upgrade to (dv) 4.0 to start taking advantage of double the RAM right away. Just email, or call 877-578-4000 and choose option 2.