SSL Certificates: Now Easier and More AffordableThe simple truth is that website security can absolutely make or break your online business. That’s because, when visitors feel like their personal information is secure, they’re much more likely to share it. So if your site has any kind of order form, shopping cart, contact form, or login, then a valid SSL certificate is an absolute must.

Buying and installing SSL certificates used to be a challenge, especially for less technically advanced site owners. Luckily, we’ve now made the entire process much easier–and more affordable, too.

With our new, streamlined SSL process, you can handle everything right from your AccountCenter:

  • View and download your certificate
  • Track the status of your order
  • Automatically install the certificate to the (gs) or (dv) from the admin panel
  • Install the certificate on the (dv) using SNI
  • Change the admin email with the click of a button
View and download your certificate

View and download your certificate in the AccountCenter

Did we mention that we’re also dropping the price? Gone is the $50 setup fee and $10/month charge–now you’ll pay just $75 per year, with no setup fee. (That’s $95 saved in the first year alone.)

If you’ve already purchased an SSL certificate from (mt), you’ll automatically be transitioned to the new pricing plan on the annual renewal date of your certificate. If not, what are you waiting for? Log in to your AccountCenter, click Add Domain or Service, and click SSL Certificate to get started.