Maybe you’ve noticed the sexy new Virb icon on our product page. If not, we’re happy to let you in on the news that (mt) and Virb have officially joined forces.

Starting out as a social network for creative professionals, Virb has evolved into an elegant, design-forward website building solution for the masses. Now, (mt) is helping Virb make another big move to accelerate growth, deliver more quality, more support, and more of everything their users need and want. While Virb’s insanely talented team remains autonomous, cranking away on new features in NYC, (mt) is delivering the infrastructure and support resources to allow Virb to expand—without worrying about growing pains.

It’s a win-win: Virb gets to stay focused on their amazing core product, and (mt) is thrilled to start offering a totally turnkey website solution. Virb allows (mt) customers to get a DIY web project live in minutes, without the complex moving pieces that launching a site from scratch normally entails.

For more color on this joint venture, read Virb’s announcement, courtesy of Brad Smith, Virb Founder and CEO.

If you haven’t considered Virb as the answer to your website building needs, do yourself a favor and take a look at what Virb has to offer.