Our clients inspire us every day. Not surprising, since we host some of the most innovative minds in design, technology, art, and business. Like filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, the man behind the mega-viral video “Caine’s Arcade.” Or high-impact nonprofits like The Surfrider Foundation and Keep a Breast Foundation. Or provocative celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

We wanted to give everyone a chance to meet these folks (and a few more besides). So we got out our camera, made some short videos, and collected them at madeonmt.com.

But we didn’t stop there. Because we’re celebrating the site launch by giving you a chance to tap into your own inner Tyler Shields with a brand new Nikon J1 camera. To enter the giveaway, just share this post on Facebook (make sure it’s public) or retweet our message. Winners will be picked on July 11, 2012. Good luck, and stay inspired!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Twitter user @Deminoodle for winning the Nikon J1! Thank you for sharing about the new madeonmt.com!