(dv) 4.0: Now with automatic upgrades.

Great news for our (dv) Dedicated-Virtual hosting customers: starting this year, keeping your server software up to date will no longer be your problem.

Historically, we’ve left the management of upgrades to you. A number of you have told us what a hassle that is. And we think we can do better. So we’re using this week’s release of the brand-new Parallels Plesk 11 Control Panel as a perfect excuse to start handling these periodic updates for you, letting you focus on what’s important—creating and managing your websites.

Why are we so excited about the Parallels Plesk 11 Control Panel launch? Glad you asked.

  • Security
    For the first time, ALL passwords on your site are  encrypted.
  • Stability
    Plesk 11 features an Nginx proxy for all your static content, lowering RAM usage and speeding up delivery.
  • Mobility
    Manage your server remotely with Parallel’s mobile apps, available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

We’re working as fast as we can to get all our current (dv) customers updated with these powerful new features. The process will take a little time and coordination to get it right, so you’ll be hearing more from us in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, here’s what you can do to get this upgrade right away:

  1. If you’re new to (mt)
    Just sign up for any (dv) hosting plan. Added bonus: through the end of July, we’re offering 20% off the monthly price for all new (dv) plans, just use the coupon code “dv2012”.
  2. If you have a (dv) 4.0 server that hasn’t been upgraded yet
    You can wait for us to take care of it automatically. Or, if you simply must have Plesk 11 right away, check out this handy Knowledge Base article on how to upgrade yourself.
  3. If you have a (dv) 3.x server
    This service plan is quickly approaching its planned end of life (EOL) and is NOT part of the upgrade process. We recommend that all (dv) 3.0 customers migrate to (dv) 4.0, which will then automatically have Plesk 11 installed.