Hello! We are happy to introduce Otto — a people-powered concierge service that migrates your websites, domains and applications to (mt) Media Temple. Otto is fast, easy and we do all the work!

Have you ever wanted to move your domains and websites to (mt), but didn’t want to deal with the hassle and headache? Moving is now easier than ever with our Otto services. You can choose to transfer your domains using our new DomainMover service or you can transfer your website over to (mt) with our popular SiteMover service.

DomainMover Details
With DomainMover, simply give us a few pieces of information, and for $25, we will transfer your domain registrations over to (mt). This new service features our expanded TLD offerings. We now offer the ability to register and transfer four new TLD’s: .me, .co, .biz, and .name, in addition to the .com, .net, .org, and .info we were able to register in the past.

SiteMover Details
Our SiteMover service was introduced in October of last year to great success. SiteMover is a website migration service that allows you to move your site over to (or even from) Media Temple. Today, we are expanding the service to include Joomla and Drupal websites, in addition to WordPress sites.

Visit Otto to learn more.

This is only the beginning of our commitment to offer better support products and services to you, so be sure to keep an eye out on our blog and on our @mediatemple Twitter account.