A few months ago, we told you that we were going to remove old versions of PHP on the (gs) Grid-Service and streamline the process to add new versions and security patches as they become available. As of March 31, we will be removing old versions of PHP4 and PHP5, replacing them with the newer, more stable and secure PHP5.3.10.

What does this mean for you?

New and automatic PHP updates help keep your sites secure and up-to-date. For the vast majority of websites, this change will be completely transparent. However, it’s a good idea to log into your AccountCenter and confirm that you are set up to use the latest version of PHP. We have a handy KnowledgeBase article on how to do that here.

If you are using PHP4, your website will probably work under PHP5, but it’s a good idea to change versions and confirm that everything on your site works correctly. Again, for most customers, this will not present a problem. If your application doesn’t work, you should check with the creators to see if they have an upgraded version that will work with PHP5. For help checking, feel free to contact our support team.

Why is PHP4 going away?

PHP4 has been unsupported since 2007. Its last security update was in 2008 and the developers of PHP recommend against using it. For security and stability reasons, it is time to remove it from our systems.

If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of your (mt) Media Temple services, please feel free to contact us.