We’re simplifying email setup!

Good News! We are making email a breeze to set up by introducing a tool that does all the hard work for you. We know that it can sometimes be tedious and complicated to configure your email, especially because email is available on so many different devices and machines. It can also be downright frustrating dealing with things like mail servers and ports. That’s where our new Auto Mail Config Tool can help!

Auto Mail Config Tool: Step 1

Auto Mail Config Tool: Step 2

This new Auto Mail Config Tool automatically configures your email in some of the most popular email clients, like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook and more. Simply enter your email address in the Tool, choose your email client, and you can be reading and sending emails in minutes.

We’ve also added the ability to set up mail on your iPhone with a text message or QR Code! This will work automatically for all of our (gs) Grid-Service customers, and there’s a simple 1-step process to use the tool on our other hosting products.

If you would rather do the set up yourself or if you need help setting up an email address on your service, feel free to check out one of our helpful KnowledgeBase articles.

As always, if you have any questions, we are here 24/7.