We’re happy to announce the launch of Residence, a new passion project here at (mt)!

(mt) serves as the digital home for hundreds of business experts. From lifestyle coaching to user interface design theory and beyond, (mt) has hosted some spectacular folks.  We thought it was very cool to have so many thought-leaders under one roof.  Why not build a space these innovators could share knowledge without restrictions?

Res·i·dence: the occupation of an individual (artist, designer or business professional), housed at an institution, conducting business whose role is to stimulate an active interest in a subject; designer in residence

We’ve always worked to tell our clients’ stories and with Residence, we provide the digital space and simply let them speak.  Residence is an inspired collection of experts sharing original content through our Residence blog.

Residence #1: Gary Vaynerchuk

Our pilot piece is provided by the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk, a New York Times bestselling author, co-founder of VaynerMedia and all around marketing genius.  Many have dubbed Gary the King of Social Media for his informative, and many times hilarious video series on Wine Library TV and Daily Grape iPhone app. Check out Gary discussing Marketing in 2012 and the Context War.

One original piece will be posted per week on Residence.  We intend for this project to evolve and grow over time, so keep an eye out on Residence, subscribe on the site to stay informed!