We like social media.  Our social team (@140 team) has a simple mission: Be Supportive and Be Responsive.  As such, we man Twitter, post on Facebook, huddle up in Google+, and monitor Get Satisfaction.

After a job well done, we may get friendly kudos from our customers saying thank you, and we love it all!  It really makes a difference coming to work everyday, knowing customers appreciate what we do… especially when they are so impressed, they’d even introduce us to their mother!

On June 15th, a customer tweeted the following messages.
 As kudos go, this one stopped us in our tracks. How could we NOT respond to that? We called for a team huddle, put our heads together, and decided to reply with a little message of our own.

Thank you from everyone in Support and our great @140 Team!

Video Participants:  Andrew W, Joe P, ^ML Matt L , ^SC Sara C, Shawmarie P, Virgil L, ^MP Miguel P, ^AJ Amanda W, ^LS Laura S, Gonzalo H, Joseph H, D’Undre B, Justin P, John P, Steven S, Nick M, Cody T, James T, Jeff W, Dante B, David G, Anil R, Chris J, Michael L, Sam J, Dave A, Tommy P, Dallas T, Steven D, Lu A


Music Provided by Mike Omni