The name ‘Andy Clarke’ means many things to the studied web designer.

Engaging Speaker
Snappy Dresser
CSS3 and HTML5 Champion

In 2011, the name ‘Andy Clarke’ will call to mind a new phrase: Hardboiled Web Design. Hardboiled Web Design is Andy’s latest book and it challenges you, the designer, to create with conviction using CSS3 and HTML5.  With this book, you’ll be inspired to leave behind old-fashioned thinking about why, when and how to use HTML5 and CSS3 as Andy demonstrates how to design and develop your best work for the web.

We’re giving away 5 signed, limited edition copies of Hardboiled Web Design… Here’s how you can win…

1.   Comment below this post telling us what your definition of Hard Boiled Web Design is by 3pm (Pacific), Thursday, December 2nd.

2.   The (mt) Marketing team will go through and find the 5 best definitions.  (don’t worry, we are professionals)

3.   We will announce the winners via Twitter and the (mt) weblog!

The top 5 definitions will be ranked.  We’re awarding the top two winners hosting for one year on the (dv) server, Andy’s product of choice at (mt).

Tweet this: “Win a signed, limited edition copy of Andy Clarke’s Hardboiled Web Design from @mediatemple” to help spread the word!

(mt) supports efforts that make the web a lighter, faster place. We’re proud to support Andy and Hardboiled Web Design. If you don’t want to wait to see if you win, Hardboiled Web Design is available NOW from Five Simple Steps publishing.

UPDATE: Comments closed! To ensure thorough results, we’re going to mull over the 100+ comments, discuss them over cocktails and laughs, and announce the winners tomorrow morning.

And the winners are…

First Place: Christopher Tate

Second Place: Jonathan Lu

Third Place: David Siegfried

Fourth Place: Stanislav Majerski

Fifth Place: Dominic Wood