(mt) is proud to announce the public availability of (ve) Server – our latest high performance utility VPS hosting service. “VE” stands for Virtual Environment, a term to describe a virtualization method that is lightweight and highly efficient. Offering near-native speeds, (ve) Servers are installed on premium hardware utilizing uncommonly fast storage.

The new service is designed for advanced users looking to harness the power of Linux in a flexible, scalable environment. (ve) is perfect for customers who wish to take their application from an affordable development setup, up to a supercharged production environment – without the scaling hassles associated with traditional hosting.

Since our advanced users require less support, Media Temple is able to offer great pricing and a tremendous amount of compute-value-per-dollar. Customers can begin with (ve) for around $1 per day.

Why (ve)?

Our technical customers asked for it.

After experiencing great success with the (dv) Dedicated-Virtual Server, Media Temple has become one of the largest virtualization deployments in North America. Using two primary platforms, (gs) and (dv), we serve approximately 90,000 customers, with a wide range of technical ability. Our simplified approach has worked well for most customers, however some of our more technical Linux users haven’t been completely satisfied. These users need more flexibility and a much higher level of control for their hosting setups.

Partly ‘Cloudy’ or Mostly Sunny?

The term “Cloud” is confusing people. Our customers have asked for a better, more meaningful answer to the constantly evolving hosting landscape. We’ve decided to keep the buzzwords at a minimum, and provide the fastest, most efficient, flexible VPS product we know how to build, and we think users are going to love it.

Due to its performance characteristics and virtualization technology, (ve) fills a gap in the utility VPS market, and serves to be a simple alternative to the common, Xen-based cloud providers in the market today. We developed it to be a highly performant product, with Parallels Virtuozzo 4 OS virtualization, using high-end HP server hardware, RAID-10 storage on SAS disks, and premium connectivity with Gigabit ethernet inside our top-tier datacenters.

Is there a bigger picture?


In 2010, our product line will serve our advanced users in better ways. A new product series has been created, ProDev, which caters to the side of our customer base that wishes to take hosting a step further. These users want more controls and low-level options. Therefore, we’re working on new ProDev products, such as an API, CDN and Advanced DNS, that compliment (ve) Server.

Despite our intentions to make (ve) and ProDev highly appealing to developers and technical users, we also are preparing for the new Linux user. In anticipation, we have launched a new Community Wiki for beginners and advanced users alike. Our desire is to make it easy for users to learn new Linux commands, setups, tricks, recipes, and more.

Tell me more about (ve). What do I get?

(ve) Features

  • Choice of your favorite Linux OS
  • Choice of 512MB RAM up to 4GB RAM
  • High speed SAS storage
  • Highly efficient virtualization technology, powered by Parallels Virtuozzo 4
  • Premium connectivity and hardware
  • Full Root access
  • Starting at around $1 per day!

For the full run down on all the product info, features, and pricing, head on over to the (ve) product area. Happy coding!