On The Road - SEPT - OCT 2009

Cooler weather sharpens the mind. We look forward to absorbing and sharing fresh ideas and possibly cocktails in the next couple of months at these innovative events…

  • September 10: Our start up incubation partner, Techstars is having an investor Days for their companies in Boston
  • September 12: We’re definitely making an appearance here: Word Camp LA
  • September 21-27: Our Friends in London are throwing LDW..we’re not actually going, but we’ll be there in spirit.
  • September 25: Our Good friends and partners, Core Industries home are throwing the Good Web in New York.
  • October 12-13: We never miss the Opportunity to throw a party to reach our designers at an An Event Apart Chicago
  • October 14: Keeping our Biz Dev Skills sharp with our partners Dealmaker Media.

Oh and we almost forgot…

  • September 30 – October 2: We’ve taken the relationship with our friends and partners, Carsonified to the next level. We host an exclusive event for the FOWA London conference each year. This time we’re including you. Keep your twitter search app tuned to @mediatemple for an opportunity you’ll want to explore.

Planning on visiting any of the events mentioned above? Feel free to pull us aside and grill us on the merits of virtual environments, the current state of web hosting or ask us about our favorite iPhone app.