You deserve more RAM to do more stuff, run more processes, and satisfy memory-hungry apps. That’s why we’re upping the resources for all of our (dv) 3.5 customers.

Starting today, all new Dedicated-Virtual 3.5 servers will be provisioned with doubled guaranteed RAM allocations at no extra cost!

  • (dv) Base 512MB RAM (was 256MB)
  • (dv) Rage 1GB RAM (was 512MB)
  • (dv) Extreme 2GB RAM (was 1GB)

I Already Have a (dv) 3.5… What Should I Do?


Log into the AccountCenter WebControls for your (dv) and click “Upgrade Server.” If you see the upgrade notice above, your server is ready for upgrade! Check out this KB Article for the full details.

**Note: At this point, around 70% of our existing (dv) 3.5 customers’ host machines have been upgraded, so if you can’t see this yet, don’t worry… The upgrades are happening on an ongoing basis, and we expect them all to be completed over the next 30 days.

***Update! All (dv) 3.5’s should have the upgrade available