In the last few weeks we’ve added a number of Rails related articles to our Knowledge Base. The creation of these articles was a collaboration between our system engineers and some great customers who submitted these helpful tips and tricks. Enjoy…

(gs) Debugging Ruby on Rails applications – How to enable debugging of Rails applications in Mongrel

(gs) Ruby on Rails application on primary domain – An addition to the basic setup article that clarifies how to symlink your container to a tld or your primary domain instead of using a subdomain

(gs) Ruby on Rails application installation requirements – Describes in detail what the (mt) specific RoR setup processes are and what they do

(gs) Ruby on Rails and Instiki 0.11.0 – How to get Insiki to work on the GRID

(gs) Ruby on Rails ssl_requirement plugin – How to get SSL to work correctly with Rails apps on the GRID

(gs) Ruby on Rails rake tasks from cron – Tricks to get ‘rake’ to run from cron

(gs) Developing Ruby on Rails applications on the Grid – How to set your application’s environment to development instead of production

(gs) Shortcutting RMagick to allow rake tasks to complete – Rake doesn’t work with the custom RMagick gem we’ve compiled unless you enclose it in an exception block