Good afternoon everyone.

The software development team has been hard at work fixing bugs and adding new features based on what YOU, our customers, have been saying.

Despite the stereotype of programmer types, we really enjoy interacting with and listening to our customers. A big thank you to every single person who has asked us for a feature or who has reported a bug.

Take a look at some of the notable new features that we have added to the AccountCenter and the WebControl panel for the Grid Servers.

General Improvements

  • Support for .MOBI domains – We still do not register or transfer .mobi domain registration but you can now add DNS zones to our nameservers for these domain names so that you can host your ultimate mobile phone projects.
  • Adding sub-domains is now easier – We have always allowed you to add sub-domains but the process was missing some of the instructions on how to do so. We feel that we have made this much more clear.
  • WebControl main page is faster – We’ve increased the performance of the main page of the WebControl by about 40%!

Grid Server Specific

  • Email aliases can now forward to more external email addresses – Gone is the three email address limit.
  • GPU usage reports are now available – Log into the AccountCenter and click on your WebControl panel for your Grid Server. You will now see a GPU report button that allows you to see your current and past GPU usage.
  • More control over FTP user folder access – Now you can restrict an FTP user’s access to any folder that you wish. See the Users section of your Grid Server WebControl.

Again, thanks to everyone for your feedback and keep it coming.

— The Dev team