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Apr 29, 2020 Design + Creative
Eight Essential Tips for Extended Remote Work

By now, you’ve likely made the basic adjustments to working remotely: You’ve got the essential software installed, you’re starting to understand the point of Slack, and you can even meme yourself with Zoom backgrounds.

Mike Martens
Oct 22, 2019 Design + Creative
3 Advances in Web Design, and Why We Embraced Them

This summer, Media Temple launched a dramatic change in our web presence. The design certainly looks different than 2018, and there’s a lot that’s working differently under the hood as well.

Mike Martens
May 14, 2019 Design + Creative
The Web Layout Revolution: An Interview with Chen Hui Jing

Chen Hui Jing is a self-taught designer and developer with an inordinate love for CSS.

Oliver Lindberg
Feb 25, 2019 Design + Creative
11 Must-Watch Conference Talks That Will Inspire You For 2019

There’s nothing quite like attending a conference and being inspired by your peers.

Oliver Lindberg
Dec 20, 2018 Design + Creative
Six tips to build better design systems

It’s been the year of the design system. Companies launch new design systems almost every week, and most executives now understand their value.

Oliver Lindberg
Nov 14, 2018 Design + Creative
What’s Wrong with UX: An Interview with Laura Klein

Laura Klein has worked in user experience (UX) for more than 20 years, written two books (Build Better Products and UX for Lean Startups, and as the principal of Users Know advises early stage startups and consults with companies that want to improve their research, UX, and product development processes.

Oliver Lindberg
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AWS Compliance
Jan 30, 2020 Cloud Hosting
How AWS Helps with the Compliance Process

Compliance regulations are some of the most important guidelines your organization needs to meet.

Eddie Jauregui
Media Temple Web Hosting Options
Jan 15, 2020 Cloud Hosting
Virtual Private Servers vs. Shared Hosting: What’s Best for Your Website?

Deciding on the best technology to host your online presence will ensure that your website performs well, remains secure, scales with demand, and stays within your budget.

Alex Alabbas
Jan 8, 2020 Cloud Hosting
Cloud-Native CI/CD Workflows in AWS: 3 Use Cases

AWS is one of the cloud computing providers that offers production-ready CI/CD services.

Eddie Jauregui
Dec 4, 2019 Cloud Hosting
AWS Cost Management Tools

Last week, we explored the Amazon Web Services (AWS) suite of cost. Today, we’ll explore the usage of management tools that can help you take control of your AWS bill.

Eddie Jauregui
Take control of AWS Bill
Nov 25, 2019 Cloud Hosting
Taking Control of Your AWS Bill

We learn from the RightScale (now Flexera) 2019 State of the Cloud Report that cloud adoption has become pretty much universal, and public cloud adoption is growing significantly.

Eddie Jauregui
Nov 13, 2019 Cloud Hosting
AWS Building Blocks: Developer Tools

If you think of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud as just another infrastructure on which to run your web apps and services, then this blog post is for you.

Eddie Jauregui
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May 20, 2020 Web Development + Tech
All You Need to Know About DNS

Today’s internet represents a huge, enormous network, literally connecting billions of various computers, servers, phones, and even teapots into a single system.

Alex Alabbas
May 13, 2020 Web Development + Tech
Should I Care About SSLs?

Short answer: Yes. The chances of people browsing your site are slim without an SSL.

Monica Arya
May 6, 2020 Web Development + Tech
Digital Transformation on the Web Today

In one of our previous posts, Paul Boag noted that digital transformation “is about meeting the needs of changing customer expectations” and emphasized that the digital evolution has changed customer behavior.

Alex Alabbas
Apr 22, 2020 Web Development + Tech
Logs And Metrics: How Important Are They?

Keeping track of an application is not a simple task. Over the last decade, user expectations from software vendors have kept growing, alongside the growth in cloud solutions, applications, and the simplicity of their onboarding processes.

Alex Alabbas
Linux Part 2
Apr 16, 2020 Web Development + Tech
Linux Administration For Web Developers: Part 2

Part 1 of this series explored the Linux command line basics necessary for working with the Linux operating system.

Jeffrey Uberstine
Linux admin part 1
Apr 10, 2020 Web Development + Tech
Linux Administration For Web Developers: Part 1

Developers working in the IT industry today often have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Jeffrey Uberstine
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Customer Spotlights

May 18, 2020 Customer Spotlights
Meet Rhino Group

Founded in Chicago, IL, in 2004, Rhino Group is a boutique web design agency that aims to maximize their clients’ digital presence online.

Alex Alabbas
May 15, 2018 Customer Spotlights
Customer Spotlight: Longbeard

For most agencies, updating a client’s brand or digital image is a straightforward process and, oftentimes, common work.

Alec Rojas
Nov 8, 2017 Customer Spotlights
Customer Spotlight: Zookeeper

Creative and digital design agencies often take the “anything, everything” approach to creative work.

Alec Rojas
Jul 25, 2017 Customer Spotlights
Customer Spotlight: Senshi Digital

Ever want to take a trip around the world? If you ever want to take the trip without leaving your desk, just visit Senshi Digital‘s immersive site.

Alec Rojas
Dec 6, 2016 Customer Spotlights
Customer Spotlight: Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands was founded in friendship. The type of friendship that enjoys solving problems.

Alec Rojas
Dec 17, 2015 Customer Spotlights
Customer Spotlight: Hellohikimori

The Paris-based design studio Hellohikimori (commonly referred to as “HKI”) remains one of the most innovative and inspiring studios today.

Alec Rojas
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Media Temple Updates

May 14, 2020 Media Temple Updates
Join Us for an Agency Webinar: Planning for a Rebound

The COVID-19 outbreak has fundamentally changed the way agencies work. While the pandemic has affected every agency differently, one thing is certain for all: It’s crucial to plan for what will follow.

Lilly Crick
Plesk Obsidian
Jan 22, 2020 Media Temple Updates
Step Forward with Plesk Obsidian

As a DV Managed customer running Plesk Onyx on your VPS hosting, you know how important it is to have functionality and user-friendliness in your server management platform.

Mike Min
Dec 18, 2019 Media Temple Updates
2019: A Year of Empowering Creativity

If there’s one thing that captures what we look to accomplish each year, it’s our newly defined vision: “To Empower Creativity.”  2019 was a year of doing exactly that.

Alex Alabbas
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