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Sep 15, 2021 Web Hosting
WordPress Developer’s Choice: Elementor with Astra 

As the most popular CMS for the seventh year running, WordPress is easily one of the most valuable online resources in website creation.

Nathan Reimnitz
Aug 11, 2021 Web Hosting
Must-have WooCommerce Extensions That Will Help Your Clients Sell More

Let’s face it: The bar has been set insanely high for businesses that want to sell their goods and services online.

Suzanne Scacca
Jul 20, 2021 Web Hosting
Is Your Site Ready to Graduate from Shared Hosting But Not Ready for VPS Yet?

Web hosting has an important role to play in the performance of a website. Choose the right plan and you won’t have to worry much about things like speed, security, and uptime for your clients’ websites.

Suzanne Scacca
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Work + Life
Design + Creative
Web Development + Tech
SSL certificate
Oct 13, 2021 Work + Life
SSL Certificates 101 - Everything you Need to Know

What is an SSL Certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

Allison Bondi
cyber hygiene
Oct 6, 2021 Work + Life
6 Steps to Squeaky Clean Cyber Hygiene 

Good cyber hygiene might start with a checklist, but over time it can become part of your every day identity.  Being a cyber-hygienic person means acting on cyber security best practices, but also knowing when to rely on AI to make up for inevitable human error.

Allison Bondi
Sep 29, 2021 Work + Life
Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned From The Blueprint (6 Tenents)

So you finally got your big promotion.  You’ve moved up from top designer to become the manager of a whole team of talented designers.  But now—you’re forced to learn a skillset on the fly which you’ve not previously considered essential: leadership.

Sean A. Mulvihill
Isometric illustration of a baseball field on a blue background.
Jun 22, 2021 Work + Life
7 Tips for Creative Leadership from the 2016 Chicago Cubs

What can your design or development team learn from a historic baseball achievement?

Sean A. Mulvihill
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Inclusive Design
Sep 29, 2021 Design + Creative
Socially Responsible Designers: 6 Actions for Inclusive Design

Microsoft Word wanted to autocorrect “responsible design” to “responsive design.” Let that sit for a minute.

Allison Bondi
Responsive Web Design
Sep 21, 2021 Design + Creative
4 Tips for Using Responsive Web Design Effectively  

Responsive web design is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s do-or-die for your business.  The concept is not new for most.

Allison Bondi
Michael Scott based UX Design
Sep 8, 2021 Design + Creative
Michael Scott Blunders That’ll Teach You to Be a Better UX Designer

In The Office, Michael Scott’s employees almost always gave in to his bad behavior, hissy fits, insensitivity, and so on.

Suzanne Scacca
Agency Award
Aug 31, 2021 Design + Creative
A Guide to Agency Award Submissions

Are you wondering if applying to all the web agency awards is worth the time and money?  Agency owners know that winning industry awards provides real value.

Allison Bondi
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Aug 18, 2021 Web Development + Tech
What is DNSSEC and Should You Use It?

The “phonebook” of the Internet (DNS) isn’t secure. But there is a solution (DNSSEC) that adds security to it, has been around for years, and is available on over 90% of ICANN’s top-level domains (TLDs).    Given the importance of DNS and security, you’d expect adoption of DNSSEC to be overwhelming, right?

David Zomaya
Jul 28, 2021 Web Development + Tech
Will Artificial Intelligence Be the End of Web Design & Development

It’s a question that terrifies modern-day web designers and developers, keeping them up at night.

Bernie Johnson
Jul 7, 2021 Web Development + Tech
How to Talk to Bots: 8 Technical SEO tips

There are a whole lot of technical SEO (search engine optimization) tips, tricks, and strategies you can implement.

David Zomaya
Meet Your Presenters: Josh Crick from Hearty, Matt Lawler from AEG, Drew Martinez from R&R Partners, and Hiten Mistry from Centro
Jun 8, 2021 Work + Life
Death of the Cookie – Preparing for a New Marketing Landscape

What will life after third-party cookies look like? Our panel of experts discusses how to prepare for the post-cookie era

Mike Martens
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Customer Spotlights

Nov 19, 2020 Customer Spotlights
Metajive – Navigating the Change of 2020

One SoCal-based digital agency discusses the grace of being human – and having a surfers’ mentality – in facing the torrent of the world’s pandemic-changed year.

Mike Martens
Metajive's logo on a box floating over an abstract geometric background
Sep 15, 2020 Customer Spotlights
Nancy Critchley Photography

With a wide-ranging portfolio and a business that's been in operation for over 10 years, nancycritchleyphoto.com includes over 200 high-resolution photos.

Alex Alabbas
May 26, 2020 Customer Spotlights
Meet Web Concentrate

An agency based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with over a hundred clients, Web Concentrate focuses on building marketing and ecommerce websites.

Alex Alabbas
May 18, 2020 Customer Spotlights
Meet Rhino Group

Founded in Chicago, IL, in 2004, Rhino Group is a boutique web design agency that aims to maximize their clients’ digital presence online.

Alex Alabbas
May 15, 2018 Customer Spotlights
Customer Spotlight: Longbeard

For most agencies, updating a client’s brand or digital image is a straightforward process and, oftentimes, common work.

Alec Rojas
Nov 8, 2017 Customer Spotlights
Customer Spotlight: Zookeeper

Creative and digital design agencies often take the “anything, everything” approach to creative work.

Alec Rojas
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Media Temple Updates

Jun 10, 2021 Media Temple Updates
Introducing Media Temple's New VPS Hosting

With Media Temple's new VPS hosting platform, you'll find more ways to boost the performance of your sites – without breaking your budget.

Mike Martens
An illustration of a laptop with 3D shapes representing different aspects of building a WordPress site (graphs, gears, a shield, and a cup of coffee)
Feb 25, 2021 Media Temple Updates
The New & Improved Managed WordPress

Delivering speed and ease for your next WordPress project, we’ve launched a new version of our Managed WordPress hosting solution.

Mike Martens
Jul 28, 2020 Media Temple Updates
Cater to Cost-conscious Clients with Shared Hosting

Media Temple offers Shared Hosting built on Linux with reasonable pricing, around-the-clock support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Mike Min
More Media Temple Updates
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