The Fully Managed VPS Case Study: Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a leading online publication in the world of web design. Based in Freiburg, Germany, it brings informative and instructive articles to five million web designers, UX designers, and web developers each month. They receive close to ten million page views on a monthly basis.

After redesigning their website in 2012 and completing front-end optimization in 2014, they realized the back-end was also showing its age. In order to keep growing and properly serve their global reader base, Smashing Magazine knew they needed premium scalable web hosting to boost their site performance and infrastructure uptime. In late 2014, they turned to Media Temple for help, hoping they could soon go back to focusing on creating the compelling content they’re known for, rather than managing servers.

With help from Media Temple’s award-winning CloudTech engineers, Smashing Magazine moved three sites onto the company’s business-class VPS hosting platform, Dedicated Server. The all-SSD servers were hand built from the ground up, enabling a clustered environment with multiple layers of caching and replication, along with plenty of room to grow. For added security, they opted for a yearly SSL certificate, while the CloudTech team keeps their site (and visitors) safe by monitoring and scanning the site on a 24/7 basis Last but not least, to ensure proper content delivery around the clock and make sure their readers would be able to quickly access articles anytime, anywhere, they opted for ProCDN, a top-tier content delivery network.

After the successful migration to Media Temple’s high performance servers, Smashing Magazine’s graphically rich site loads faster than ever, with a max load time of three seconds anywhere in the world. Traffic peaks and timeout issues are officially a thing of the past.

Download the Smashing Magazine case study here.