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Get premium (mt) Media Temple web hosting for up to 100 websites with award-winning 24/7 support for just $1.

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Grid Web Hosting Overview

$20 $1/first mo.
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Your site shouldn't go down—or slow down—just because it gets popular.

Media Temple loves your success. So we built the Grid hosting platform to handle any traffic spike. From hundreds of visitors to hundreds of thousands, we’ll keep your site online.

  • Host up to 100 websites
  • 1TB monthly bandwidth
  • SSD database storage
  • 100 GB storage

Meet the Grid

Bring your clients, your cooking blogs, your pixel-perfect designs to our flagship web hosting platform.

The Grid now comes with SSDs

The Grid’s MySQL SmartPool servers are now equipped with blazing-fast SSDs. Which means you’ll never have to worry about database bottlenecks slowing down your site.

SSDs load your sites up to 50% faster.

Database loading on standard hard drives


Database loading on SSD


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Who's On The Grid

"There's a reason why every designer I know uses (mt). The Grid is built for creative small businesses and in my case, a really popular creative blog. For $20 a month I know Wanken and other sites I host on the Grid are secure and fast."

Shelby White,
Wanken Art & Design Blog

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The original public cloud.

When we designed the Grid to be one of the web’s first public cloud hosting platforms, we knew it had to be powerful. Multiple servers handle every site, so the Grid has redundancy built in. That means you’ll never have to fight for the resources of a single server.

But we didn’t stop there. Every bit of the Grid’s hardware, software, and architecture was carefully designed for speed and reliability.

New, improved, and faster than ever.

Faster loading websites. The latest server technologies, like PHP 5.5 and FastCGI, make your website pages load up to 6x faster. Simpler CloudFlare controls. Now you can manage CloudFlare with Railgun—a free service that makes your sites faster and more secure—from right inside the AccountCenter. A better backup plan. Our highly trained CloudTech engineers can now take care of Grid backups and recovery for you, so you know your data is secure.

24/7, no-excuses support.

We pride ourselves on being the world’s most accessible web hosting company. Your Grid hosting service comes with award-winning 24/7/365 support by chat, Twitter, and phone. Real, live engineers are in our L.A. office around the clock, waiting to solve your problems.

Reddit™-ready bandwidth.

No site should be penalized just for getting popular. If you find yourself in the spotlight — like hitting the front page of Reddit, or blowing up on Twitter — your web host should be able to keep up. The Grid’s bandwidth scales with your traffic. So you can grow without worrying about getting shut down.

One-click app installs.

Quickly and easily deploy applications like WordPress, Drupal, and ZenCart—just by pointing and clicking. Blogging, selling stuff, and managing your site content has never been easier.

Easy-to-use AccountCenter.

Manage email users. Easily add and manage email addresses across all your domains. Instantly install apps. Install WordPress, Drupal, Zencart and more, with the click of a mouse. Manage databases. Quickly add, reboot, repair, and manage MySQL database permissions. Add domains. Add new domain names to your account the moment inspiration strikes.

Advanced security and protection.

The Grid includes the CloudFlare content delivery network with Railgun, which can help protect you against hackers, botnets, and phishing scams. It also comes with Cloudmark’s spam detection technology built right in, and the Grid support team blocks would-be attackers at the gate by monitoring and patching potential vulnerabilities. We also offer premium CloudTech Security services for your most important sites.

Business-class email for everyone.

Your Grid hosting plan supports up to 1,000 separate email addresses across all your domains. Access your messages, contacts, and calendars anywhere through a clean, simple browser interface. Or use your favorite desktop programs or mobile devices, thanks to full IMAP support.

Dedicated MySQL resources.

The Grid platform is built on our own SSD-based MySQL SmartPool system, which guarantees plenty of database resources to every Grid service. Sudden traffic spikes trigger an automatic boost in resources to keep your site online. Need even more performance from your database? Just add a dedicated MySQL Container to your Grid account for a low, flat fee each month.

CloudTech Premium Support.

Every Grid service comes with (mt)’s famous 24/7 live support. If you need help that’s above and beyond, turn to CloudTech Premium Support. CloudTech On-Demand for Grid is a menu of one-time services, available just when you need them. Now you can have certified (mt) engineers analyzing your code, installing your web apps, and more, to get your site running at its best.

Learn more about CloudTech


Built on high-performance server hardware and networking technology, the Grid takes web hosting to the next level of power and reliability.

The Grid includes:

  • 100 GBs of premium storage
  • 1 TB of short-path bandwidth
  • 100 unique sites / alternate domains
  • 2,000 GPUs
  • 100 databases
  • 1,000 email addresses
  • AccountCenter custom control panel

Pre-installed software:

  • PHP 5.5 with FastCGI
  • Perl v5.10.1
  • Python v2.6.6
  • Apache 2.2.22
  • MySQL 5.1
  • Git
  • SVN 1.7.4

Ready to get started?

Grid FAQ

Is the Grid a shared hosting system?

The Grid has some features in common with shared hosting systems, but we consider it one of the original cloud hosting platforms. It was designed and built with a few key features that make it faster and more reliable than shared hosting platforms:

  • Clustered architecture.

    The Grid is built around shared clusters of high quality server hardware, networked together to make the most efficient use of resources.

  • LAMP compatibility.

    The Grid features wide support for the most popular Linux server-side application technologies, including Apache, PHP, Perl, Python, & MySQL.

  • Performance-boosting add-ons.

    The new and improved Grid hosting platform includes plenty of server enhancements to help reduce page load times, such as FastCGI. FastCGI lowers the overhead associated with interfacing the web server and CGI programs, allowing a server to handle more web page requests at once. Bottom line: Your sites on the Grid now load faster than ever.

What do I get with a Grid plan?

  • 100 GBs of premium storage
  • 1 TB of short-path bandwidth
  • 100 unique sites / alternate domains
  • 2,000 GPUs
  • 100 databases
  • 1,000 email addresses

Which LAMP software is installed?

The Grid currently features the following versions of software:

  • PHP 5.5 with FastCGI
  • Perl v5.10.1
  • Python v2.6.6
  • Apache 2.2.22
  • MySQL 5.5
  • Git
  • SVN 1.7.4