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Every Media Temple customer has access to award-winning, around-the-clock support. You can reach us by chat, Twitter, phone, or support request. Providing you with world-class support for your hosting account is what we work on 24/7/365.

We promise:

  • A friendly, helpful support experience every time
  • Quick answers to chats, tweets, support requests, and calls 24/7
  • Extensive self-help resources like our KnowledgeBase and Forums
  • Timely, informative updates on maintenance, system incidents, and any occasional service interruption
  • An open ear and serious attention to all your feedback, both good and bad

CloudTech Premium Support

Need even more help? Our certified, in-house CloudTech engineers optimize servers, install your web apps, secure your sites, and more. You can get CloudTech On-Demand, or set up a subscription for 24/7 peace of mind.

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What people are saying about Media Temple support

  • @timhillim Sorry about that! The situation is resolved and all sites should be back up. Are you still seeing an outage? *SH

    (mt) Help, @mediatemplehelp

  • @mediatemple Best Customer Service on the planet! ๐Ÿ’˜

    Karen Ishihara, @WinkyBlinky

  • Thanks Evan Y @mediatemple @MediaTempleHelp for going above and beyond: 1st rate support from MT as always! Thanks also to Daniel G

    Jeff Newman, @JeffNewmanWeb

  • This is what good customer care over @twitter looks like Thanks @mediatemple , @ryankicks

    Lunatech, @ilunatech

  • @mediatemplehelp forget how good your service is! Quick onto that! Probably have just outgrown GS. Time to switch to DV!

    Nathan Leigh Davis, @finethought

  • Tks to "Eric A" for the help! @mediatemplehelp

    Osvaldo Chilavert, @OsvaldoCh

  • @mediatemplehelp @TinShingle Thanks! We knew we had to put reasons to our recommendation w so many hosts out there

    Katie Hellmuth, @kjpixelated

  • Well done @mediatemple @mediatemplehelp - great service on twitter AND Skype, super fast. Brilliant! Sorting now. :)

    Jay Emme, @cosmicgirlie

  • This is why we choose Media Temple for web hosting. Great company. #custserve

    Philsquare, @Philsquare

  • @mediatemplehelp @setforward oh yeah, i forgot to mention your great customer service, thanks.

    Alonso Romero, @bloo

  • Loving new CloudTech service from @mediatemple @mediatemplehelp So worth upgrade to Always On level! Special thx to Justin C!

    Kivi Leroux Miller, @kivilm

  • @mediatemplehelp Hi. I have a question about my Grid.

    Drew Johnston, @lakedrew

  • I use @mediatemple because their support @mediatemplehelp is the best. Thanks for fixing cluster 10 yesterday!

    Ryan Burnette, @ryanburnette

  • @damienbowman I use @mediatemple Grid Service, and itโ€™s AMAZEBALLS.

    Tony Tellez, @tonytellez

  • Dear @mediatemple - You are great! Thank you for being helpful, affordable, reliable!

    Caitlin Zaino, @caitlinzaino

  • @mediatemplehelp Exactly why I love (mt)!

    Anthony Finucane, @afinucane

  • @mediatemplehelp I see that, thanks... love the twitter support btw.

    Brian Anderson, @BrianJAnderson

  • @mediatemplehelp I just want to say that your customer support staff is amazing. Always helpful and always quick with a response. :)

    Jaemie Gyurik, @jaemie

  • i love @mediatemple because their support is always so helpful.

    Paul Jarvis, @pjrvs

  • @mediatemple your customer support is unmatched and just plain awesome! #ILoveMyHost

    Tami Roos, @Tamixes

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