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Stay a step ahead of the hackers with professional malware protection and cleanup.

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CloudTech Security means complete protection.

Proactive security monitoring.

Daily server-side scans comb through your site code and plugins for any vulnerabilities or evidence of hacking.

Instant alerts.

If we find compromised code on your site, we’ll let you know right away as we begin the cleanup process.

Automatic malware cleanup.

The CloudTech cleanup crew removes malicious code from your site as soon as it’s detected.

Blacklist removal.

Malware could get your site banned by Google and other gatekeepers. Let our security specialists keep you off their blacklists.

You can’t afford to take a chance on site security.

Getting hacked could be disastrous for your online business. Every day, shady characters create new phishing scams and botnets to disable your site, access your customers’ sensitive information, or worse. But it’s easy to protect yourself—and your site visitors—with the CloudTech Security Pack. The CloudTech Security team keeps a close eye on your site every day, so you don’t have to. Plus, new subscribers get a free security audit and more.

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