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Top Seven Sites for UX Inspiration

We asked our UX team for their favorite websites for UX inspiration. Furthermore – Equinox’s blog is something to behold. Littered with great gifs and photography, every fold…

What the Apple TV Teaches Us About UX

Surprise! The kids in our neighborhood understand the new Apple TV the fastest. Right out of the box, they had the game apps running, their iOS devices out connected as controllers, and easily jumped between 7 or 8 college football games in the WatchESPN app. In my home, more people use the new Apple TV for a wider variety of uses than ever before.

AngularJS vs. React — Which One to Pick?

Few things go unchecked in the world of web development, especially when it comes to the two major developer frameworks, AngularJS and ReactJS. Maintained by some major players…

The Art of Making It Up

In early September 2015, a good friend asked if I’d be willing to sit down for lunch to talk startups, projects, and life with a guy we’ll call “Mike.” Full disclosure: If there are two things I love dearly, it’s lunch and problem solving.

A Quick (Yet Functional) Intro to Shortcodes in WordPress

Let’s start off with a bit of history, shall we? Shortcodes were first introduced to WordPress in version 2.5 (way back in March of 2008) so they’ve been around for a while. Still, after seven years in WordPress, there’s a bit of confusion about what they are and what they can do.

This functional little primer will help you understand not just what they are, but how and why you should play around with them (even if you’re not a serious developer!).

Life in Code Review (or what it takes to build a quality product) – Part 1

Throughout my career, I have been asked the same question: “What are you looking for when you review someone’s code?” A few things always immediately pop into my head, such as inconsistent code formatting or over commenting. But, truly, code review is a vast field, with many interesting (and sometimes nonsensical) moments that can keep anyone up at night.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Your WordPress Site

Launching your WordPress site is just the beginning of its life on the web. You’ve conceived and birthed your baby… but now you’re in charge of feeding and protecting it.

Owning a site is a responsibility. There’s a lot to consider, more than most people realize when they are just starting out. Neglecting your site means it could get hacked, suffer from broken links, or an unplanned update breaking your contact form.

How to Use Customer Feedback to Improve User Experience

What do we use to define the user experience of our products? Is your definition based on design principles that you have learned from books or websites? Or does it emerge from customer feedback to identify the flaws and possible solutions in your design choices? Without a doubt, tapping into customers’ feedback can be an invaluable part of your business.

Nine Essential Cheat Sheets

The evolution of web development has been accompanied by a wealth of documentation. Yet, this virtual smorgasbord of fonts, developer languages, and methodologies (to name a few) can be overwhelming. Here are six essential cheat sheets that will make your life easier when developing your next website.

Six Stunning Style Guides

Web style guides emerged from the web’s evolution out of text-only webpages. In 1994, developers and early browser makers turned to the then-recently launched World Wide Web Consortium to enact standards for HTML specifications. With the creation of CSS in 1997, design and style on the web moved beyond its early limitations and into a very different (and seemingly limitless) world. But what works for 2015? Here are six stunning and essential style guides to help intone your next design.

Roadblocks or Mirages?

In the world of software development, we are constantly hitting (what we perceive as) roadblocks. This experience is universal across almost every team, department, and company. Fundamentally, a roadblock is something that stops progress or acts as a hinderance. In the case of my colleagues in software development, most roadblocks emerge from fork in the roads as an either/or situation. In these situations, the perception of a roadblock is critical, as switching viewpoints on the roadblock may be the ticket past it.

Seven UX Design Misconceptions That Simply Aren’t True

As more experts and enthusiasts flood the UX world each year with new ideas, processes, and proposed regulations, it has become more and more difficult to discern legitimate…

What Super Mario Taught Us About UX

Super Mario Bros. was the game that changed everything with a a payoff in terms of entertainment and, inadvertently, principles that are integral to modern UX planning, design and execution. Here’s what 10,000 hours with Mario can teach about UX design.

Refining and Reflecting on Your Personal List of Tools

Time is our most valuable and, unfortunately, most limited resource. Every single day, we fight and scrape to maximize our time in a way that’s beneficial for our…

Enhance Your Blog with This One Plugin

Many non-technical bloggers have a common struggle: A perception of being at a disadvantage in their blog property and the subsequent opportunities missed due to their technical shortcomings….

How-To: Site Migration

It finally happened: You need to migrate to a new host. But you’ve never done it before, and it needs to be done sooner rather than later. What…