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Reactive EC2 (ReC2) Management System – Performance for Savings

It’s now time to focus on the Reactive EC2 Management System, aka ReC2. It is a small, friendly Python project that monitors your EC2 Auto Scaling Group to make important adjustments that provide increased reliability and cost savings.

Why Your Custom CSS Doesn’t Work in WordPress and How to Fix It

Occasionally, you may find that, when you add custom CSS to your website, it just doesn’t seem to get applied correctly. There’s a lot of reasons why this…

An SVG That Isn’t All… SVG

When you think of SVG, what do you think of? Vector graphics, right? Maybe some stuff like this? That’s good. SVG absolutely excels at graphics like that. It’s…

Quick Website Optimizations for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is just around the corner. Even a millisecond of downtime could lead to a missed opportunity if your website is mission critical. Here are three important…

The Ultimate Control with Plesk Onyx

Media Temple is proud to partner with Plesk on our VPS hosting solutions. Over the last month, we’ve watched (with glee) our VPS customers upgrade their servers to…

Carousels Don’t Have to be Complicated

Every time a carousel is mentioned in a blog post, it’s a requirement to mention that… say it with me now: You probably shouldn’t use a carousel.

Responsibly Updating your WordPress Website

This article is intended to help you understand a bit about what WordPress updates are, how they relate to Plugin and Theme updates, and, most importantly, how to update your WordPress sites without causing havoc.

SVG Charting Libraries

There is no shortage of options with charting libraries on the web. That’s good! Competition is good for consumers. It keeps the quality high. That’s certainly true here. The landscape of charting libraries is pretty impressive, ranging from the good-and-free to the excellent-and-paid.

Creating and Implementing Your Own Icon Font – A Tutorial

In the history of the web, designers have tried a variety of methods to use icons and images on websites. This includes, to name a few: Importing bitmap…

Five Keys to an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

In an age where cyber-attacks are making headlines with alarming regularity, an actionable disaster recovery strategy has become essential. There is an urgent need to ensure protection against the worst consequences of critical disaster scenarios; from the most effective backup strategies to staff training requirements, we have brought the five most important considerations to light to ensure creative agencies and design studios can continue to operate under the most extreme circumstances.

From WordPress to Apple News, Instant Articles, and AMP

Apple: Send us your content in our special format and we’ll make it available in Apple News and more people read it and be happy with your brand… wink wink.

Google: Link up this JavaScript library and format your content in this special way, and we’ll hook you up in search results… wink wink.

Facebook: Format your content in our special way and send it over and it will load super fast and people will love it and be happy with your brand… wink wink.

Taking the Plunge

Let’s be honest. Going freelance or setting up your own agency isn’t the utopia we all thought it would be. We thought it would give us more time…

Supercharging Apache

Originally released in 1995, the Apache web server is a true Internet old-timer. Of course it’s true that newer, more nimble open-source web servers have come along in the last twenty years—you’re probably familiar with Nginx—but Apache still operates on the lion’s share of servers worldwide, with most estimates pegging its stake at 40-50% of all web-facing servers.

Caching Your Way to a Faster Website

Caching is one of those terms that has seemingly been around since the dawn of computer age. But what, exactly, is it and how can (should?) it be used when it comes to websites?

Five Important Considerations for Wireframing

User experience design is more than just problem solving. Since a UX Architect’s workflow requires input from different teams, a vast part of the actual work is clear…

Do You Need to Upgrade to Angular 2?

The Angular 2 team has had a busy year so far. Actually, the two years leading up to the announcement of Angular 2 have been exceedingly busy for…