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Media Temple Upgrades Its Managed VPS Hosting Solution To Fully Managed

September 24, 2014

Premium Web Hosting Company Also Updates Award-Winning CloudTech™ Technical Support Service  LOS ANGELES – September 24, 2014 – Media Temple, a Los Angeles-based company providing premium web hosting…


The Great Discontent | September 2, 2014

Jon Setzen is a designer based in Los Angeles. He is currently the Creative/UX Director at Media Temple, founder of Arlo Jacob Candle Company, the host ofCreativeMornings/LA, and co-host of…

Media Temple’s Creative Director Talks Customer Feedback and Account Center Redesign

The Web Hosting Industry Review | August 26, 2014

Media Temple, the Los Angeles-based web host that was acquired by GoDaddy last year, not only launched its redesigned website in January, but also worked on overhauling its Account…

Media Temple Redesigns Customer Control Panel to Optimize User Experience

August 26, 2014

Premium Web Host Improves Its Account Admin Panel’s Ease of Use and Aligns Aesthetic with Recently Redesigned Website   LOS ANGELES – August 26, 2014 – Media Temple, a…

Media Temple Rolls Out Parallels Plesk 12 to VPS Hosting Accounts

The Web Hosting Industry Review | July 21, 2014

Media Temple announced on Monday that it has added Parallels Plesk 12 panel to its VPS control panel offering.

Media Temple Brings the Latest Version of Parallels® Plesk Panel to Its VPS Hosting Customers

July 21, 2014

Media Temple’s VPS Hosting Customers Can Now Choose Between Parallels® Plesk 12 and cPanel® 11.42 LOS ANGELES– July 21, 2014 – Media Temple, a Los Angeles-based company providing premium…

50 Flat Web Designs from 2014

Speckyboy | July 7, 2014

50 sites, from 2014, that we feel have truly captured the flat design trend.

Media Temple Managed WordPress Hosting Review & Startup Guide

WPExplorer | July 1, 2014

Media Temple knows websites, and they know WordPress.

Hosting Review: MediaTemple Premium WordPress Hosting

WPShout | June 26, 2014

Good for you if… You want fast, high-quality managed WordPress hosting that’s more affordable per install than the competitors, and won’t spiral in price as your site grows.

Media Temple Expands Control Panel Options for its Linux Virtual Private Server with the Addition of cPanel®/WHM

June 4, 2014

cPanel®/WHM and Parallels® Plesk Panel Are Now Both Available to Media Temple’s VPS Hosting Customers LOS ANGELES– June 4, 2014 – Media Temple, a Los Angeles-based company providing…

Media Temple, Pagely Introduce New Features to WordPress Hosting Plans

The Web Hosting Industry Review | May 9, 2014

The managed WordPress hosting space saw some improvements this week from two WordPress hosting providers: Media Temple and Pagely.

Media Temple Expands Its WordPress Hosting Features With Backup Service And Git Integration

TechCrunch | May 9, 2014

Media Temple is one of the latest companies to join the fray, launching its premium WordPress hosting service just over a month ago. Today, it’s expanding this service with a number of new features.

Media Temple Adds New Features To Its Premium Managed WordPress Product

May 9, 2014

Two Months After Launching  Premium WordPress Hosting, Web Host Rolls Out New Features at WordCamp Miami LOS ANGELES / MIAMI – May 9, 2014 – Media Temple, a…

An Interview with: Media Temple & CloudWays’ Community Managers

wpContent | April 18, 2014

The WordPress industry is evolving day-by-day. Its communities are also growing and the contributors welcome the newbies open-handedly. I interviewed two of the most active WordPress experts who are…

Media Temple WordPress Managed Hosting Reviewed

WP Mayor | April 14, 2014

In case you’ve missed it, Media Temple have recently launched their Premium WordPress Hosting service, which puts them in direct competition with other providers (such as WP Engine and…

A closer look at Media Temple’s new premium WordPress platform

HostJury | March 18, 2014

MediaTemple launched their new, premium WordPress platform just recently. We decided to reach out to Dante Baker, Shared Services Product Manager.