Welcome to the Future of Managed WordPress Hosting

March 4, 2014

Our history with WordPress and WordPress users places (mt) Media Temple in a unique position to bring a product to market we know will change the way you build sites. Media Temple’s Premium WordPress Hosting is the next step in growing your business.

With staging environment, a professional theme to use out of the box, next-generation deploy tools and powerful cloud infrastructure, Premium WordPress Hosting allows you to build, test and deploy multiple sites with ease.

What’s in the box?

  • Developer staging environment
  • Easy-to-use site templating
  • Automatic updates
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Automatic security
  • Automatic backups
  • Next-gen cloud infrastructure
  • Competitive pricing starting at $29/month

Our fearless WordPress product team conducted a live Ask Media Temple Anything the day after launch. Check out the Youtube Video here.



In the mean time, here are some FAQ’s we thought would be helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask a question in the comments section either.

Q: What is this Premium WP Hosting product about?
Our new Premium WordPress product is a highly flexible and scalable WordPress hosting solution that is optimized for web developers and designers. Premium features include a customer staging environment, website templating, as well as a unique WordPress theme market, created by designers for designers. Additionally, with automated WordPress updates, enhanced security and one-click backups, our Premium WordPress Hosting keeps sites secure and always updated with the latest version of WordPress.

Q: Why do I want managed WordPress hosting?
If you develop and manage WordPress sites, working in a professional hosting environment will make your life easier and your business more efficient. Our premium WordPress platform lets you quickly get your websites up and running, for yourself or your clients, while you focus on what’s important for your business. WordPress is powerful in itself, but deploying and managing several WordPress sites can become cumbersome. Let us handle all the System Administration headaches for you.

Q: What are the key features of this Premium WordPress product?
Premium WP hosting means that we offer 24/7 unmatched premium tech support from the web’s best support team that has been WP-trained.
Premium WP hosting also means premium features such as:

  • Website templating, which enables users to clone a site instead of starting from scratch.
  • Website staging, which lets users see their changes before sending them live.
  • Email integration.
  • A unique (and growing) WP themes market.

Q: How many WP themes are in your theme market?
Right now, we only offer one (mt) theme designed by our creative director, but more themes created by some of the best designers in the industry will be unveiled in the next few months.

Q: Will you be adding more features down the road?
Yes, we are already working hard on some new features that will be available in the next few months, along with more unique themes created by designers. Stay tuned for more!

Q: How many WordPress installations do I get with my plan?
You get three. If you need more than the three WordPress installations included with our standard plan, just pay as you go. Each additional WordPress installation comes with an extra 5GB of SSD storage and costs only $9/month.

Q: Are there any disk space, bandwidth, or page view limits?
We really want to remove any barriers to you being successful. To that end, you don’t need to worry about bandwidth. Pageviews only become a concern as your site becomes extremely popular, in the million+ range of monthly pageviews. Even then, we won’t cap your views or shut down your site. We also did a thorough analysis on our disk space offering to make sure you’ll have more than enough space for your general needs, but if you need additional disk space, please contact us. We’ll work with you individually to make sure our Premium WordPress Hosting can give you everything you need.

Q: How often is WordPress core updated and do you update my plugins and themes?
We look to push updates to WordPress core within 48 hours of release. This allows us time to test and ensure the stability of the release for all of our customers. At this time, we do not update themes and plugins. With such a wide variety of third-party extensions available, we want to minimize the possibility of a plugin or theme update breaking your site as much as possible.

Q: Can I move a WordPress site to Media Temple?
We’d love it if you did! Our CloudTech technicians can conduct a free site evaluation and move your WordPress sites for you.


67 Responses to “Welcome to the Future of Managed WordPress Hosting”

  1. Jeffro says:

    Just a few questions I had regarding this new managed hosting WordPress service.

    Is their a list of plugins not allowed to be used on MediaTemple?

    Can customers perform automatic WordPress updates or is that something only MediaTemple can do?

    Is their any more information you can provide regarding the MediaTemple theme marketplace? Will it be invite only? Will there be commercial themes with revenue sharing? Will the themes ONLY be available to MediaTemple customers?

    Do you support WordPress Multisite or is their a special package specifically for that?

    • Jason McVearry says:

      Hey Jeffro.. thanks for the Q’s..

      Answers follow in order:
      1. There is a list of plugins not allowed.. it is here: https://kb.mediatemple.net/questions/2075/Which+plugins+are+not+allowed+with+my+Premium+WordPress+service%3F#wp

      2. Only (mt) can initiate WordPress updates for sites running on Premium WordPress Hosting

      3. As it is now, the market place is “invite only” with specific designers and organizations building custom themes for (mt) Premium WordPress Hosting customers. The theme market place is an area of this product we’re really excited about. We have very strong partnerships in the creative and development worlds, so this model is likely to change/grow with opportunities and there will definitely be one-off scenarios here. Essentially, the sky is the limit with the market place.

      4. Multi Site, as of right now, is not supported.

      Thanks again!

    • MediaTemple says:

      Hi there Jeffro!

      Here is that list of plugins that are not allowed: http://buff.ly/1gSo2Ui

      Right now, (mt) will be the only ones that can perform the automatic updates but we will do so within 48 hours of release to make sure we have time to test and make sure it works okay.

      Right now, I can tell you that the themes marketplace will be only open to (mt) Media Temple customers using our WordPress product.

      Lastly, Multisite will not be supported. Sorry about that. ^DJ

  2. Brin Wilson says:

    Wow – three installs, unlimited data transfer and up to a million monthly pageviews for just $29p/m – did I read that wrong?! What’s the catch lol? Brilliant!

  3. Brin Wilson says:

    One more quick question… on solely a speed comparison: how does this new MT service stack up against that of WPEngine’s? Put simply: is yours faster (for say a completely fresh WP install) and if so, what makes it so?

    • MediaTemple says:

      After internal testing, we found out that we have one of the fastest performing WordPress products in the industry. As of now, our performance should be better. That being said, we’re having others test out the product to validate our findings. I’ll have our product team get into more detail about this in our Google + hangout today. If you can’t catch us live, check out our YouTube page later in the day for the full run down. ^ML

  4. Keith Davis says:

    Looks fabulous – are your data centres in the US or do you get a choice? I’m in the UK.
    Also I use the Thirsty Affiliates plugin for my affiliate links – would there be any problems using that plugin.

    And finally do you have any videos / screenshots of using your control panel?

  5. André Felipe says:

    Can I FTP into the server to host some files out of the wp-content folder? And better yet, can I update my theme via GIT? (I guess a SSH login would be needed for that?)

  6. André Felipe says:

    I have a site that shows random posts at the home page (and other pages too) http://gut-zum-druck.org How does your cache mechanism dribbles that?
    1- Can I turn it off in a per page basis?
    2- Can I specify how long each page should be cached? Maybe 10 minutes on some, 1 hour on others?

    • MediaTemple says:

      Good questions Andre. Cache is currently set to 30 minutes for dynamic pages, but we don’t have any per page tuning available at this time.

      • emzo says:

        Hmmm, that currently sounds like a blocker for hosting eCommerce sites, where caching may need to be disabled for certain pages (think cart pages for example). If there’s no UI for this yet, is it something you can configure for us on your side? Also, I know that some other managed WordPress hosts do not cache AJAX requests – is this the case here as well? Also, apart from the cost of the SSL cert itself, are there any other costs associated with enabling SSL? Any plans for SPDY support in the future?

      • Thanks. Another question: If I update my theme, will I have to wait 30 minutes to see it live? There is a button to reset the cache?
        (I am talking about custom themes, for clients, quite often during launch week there are many fixes/updates that can’t wait 30 minutes to be fixed)

  7. André Felipe says:

    Can I install a (mt) SSL certificate and force the site to run on SSL? (we have access to wp-config.php right?)

  8. Brajeshwar says:

    It’s not mentioned anywhere about Multi-site. Do you plan to have WordPress multi-site anytime soon?

  9. Brajeshwar says:

    Are the themes restricted only to (mt) approved themes. What about my own custom theme?

  10. Frank McClung says:

    Well, maybe I’m missing the selling point of this new offering. I can do everything and more with the regular GS package and WordPress. What is the difference between the two? Certainly not the “dev site”, must be something else. Please enlighten.

    • MediaTemple says:

      Great question Frank. This is a managed WordPress solution, meaning we handle the updates to WordPress core. Also, it comes with some great features like the staging sites, templating, automatic backups and unlimited bandwidth. This is quite different from hosting WordPress on your own Grid account. Let me know if you have any more questions about that. ^DJ

      • Dan Knauss says:

        Is the WP hosting on the grid’s infrastructure or a completely separate, new thing? Would love to see some technical details on architecture and benchmarks.

    • Frank McClung says:

      Odd, but with this commenting system when I’m logged in I can’t see MT’s replys to my comment. Only when I’m not logged in.

      Anyway, DJ when you say “handle the updates to the WP core” do you mean upgrading WP on the hosted sites? If so, I don’t know how this is a big deal as WP auto updates now for minor versions. And for major WP version upgrades, most web designers and developers do that themselves so they can manage any issues that arise with plugins and design customization on site. Templates? ThemeForest is the place everyone goes now or they build it themselves. Most of us use a plugin like BuddyPress for backups already. So again, unless I’m missing something, there is no advantage to the Grid except you pay more money for less client sites hosted…a lot more.

      If you really want to sell this as an alternative to WP Engine, you’re going to have to convince me and other web designers/devs that MT is offering something that I can’t already do as a dev on GS. Again, what can I do with sites on the new package that I can’t with GS for a client?

      • MediaTemple says:

        Hi Frank, most of the things you can do on our Managed WordPress Hosting you can also achieve if you installed WordPress on the Grid and have experience and expertise to achieve it, sounds like you do and I want to be clear about that. However, the Managed WordPress product is great because it is designed to make things easier and more efficient for the customer. For example, yes, you can set up your own staging sites on the Grid, but with our WordPress product this is integrated into the interface and pushing live is a “one-click” system. Just one example of something made easier with this product. To answer your specific comment about WP Engine, our product is a great alternative because for the same price we offer three installs instead of one and no limits on the amount of visitors you can have in a month. In the end Frank, this is not necessarily meant to be a replacement for hosting WordPress sites on the Grid, there are some scenarios where a user may benefit from staying on the Grid. This product is meant as a Managed WordPress solution which is something very different than simply shared hosting. Very happy that you are so interested, if you have any more questions, definitely send them our way. :) ^DJ

  11. Stageing servers matter so is cool, but WP Engine, Pressable, GetFlyWheel PressLabs & Pagely all do this.

    What is different? is this a VPS?????

    GoDaddy comes out with a failed Manged WordPress now MT owned by GoDaddy

    So cost is $29 for unlimited page views on your new cloud?
    and your advice is after 1 million page views a month someone may want to look into getting a CDN? That’s kind of funny as a CDN has very little to do with going page views you have?

    Where are the data centers out of?

    What about web synthesis?

    With all do respect I’d rather pay for bandwidth all quality companies charge for it.
    It smells like Go Daddy

    “You get three. If you need more than the three WordPress installations included with our standard plan, just pay as you go. Each additional WordPress installation comes with an extra 5GB of SSD storage and costs only $9/month.”

    interesting however e-mail is not at all a priority for me.

    Why you’re talking about cloud flare when you guys have access to edge cast is beyond me?

    I’d rather stick with my existing managed WordPress hosting companies I will try it out but one-size-fits-all and answers like if you upload W3TC it won’t run as well make it sound like you guys have not built the system and to prevent users from uploading plug-ins that will break the system or harm The speed of their site.

    Absolutely no architecture or technical information was given.

    I could be very wrong, but it just smells like Go Daddy’s disaster moved over the media Temple and was given a nice shiny coat of wax beautiful UX guys.

    • Dan Knauss says:

      Does Flywheel have staging? I follow them and last I heard they did not offer it.

      • Yes they have some of the best staging server setups I have seen. The fact that you can lock your site from the search engines when it is being built on their staging server and it has done so by default when you first start a website is brilliant. Far too many people let their site get indexed too early and also indexed only on a staging server. One thing people worry about that is the staging server will serve duplicate content this is not the case in less the end-user fails to either c name the staging server or the hosting company does not use a
        either way FlyWheel does use a canonical tag and so do all the other managed WordPress hosting companies I can think of.

        Sorry about the late reply Dan.

  12. Keith Davis says:

    Thanks Drew.
    Look forward to seeing the articles.

  13. Ejaz says:

    Hi MT,
    It would be great if you could provide an article about the comparison between WP Managed hosting and GS hosting.

    • MediaTemple says:

      Thanks for the idea Ejaz! The thing is, our Grid product is very different, it is a shred hosting environment that you can pretty much do whatever you want on while our Managed WordPress Hosting is designed specifically for WordPress. I can tell you that some of the key advantages to hosting your site on the Managed WordPress Hosting is the one-click staging environment, automatic updates and backups, and site templating. If you have any specific questions just let us know and we’ll be happy to answer them :) ^DJ

  14. Martin Bay says:

    Is this a better alternative for a WordPress installation than DV. I currently have all my WordPress sites on DV would it be better (faster, simpler) to move to WP hosting?

    • MediaTemple says:

      Great question Martin, generally yes, it would be simpler to manage your WordPress sites on our new Managed WordPress Hosting. The overall point of the product is to makes things faster, simpler and easier for the WordPress user. Especially if you have more than one WordPress site. ^DJ

    • Martin Bay says:

      Thanks. I like the simple setup and automated backup. What I don’t like is the automated updates – would one be able to turn that off?

  15. Can you tell us what the infrastructure and caching look like? The GS Grid was supposedly scalable, but a high-traffic site would be better served with other MT products. So how scalable is this (really) and how did you build it? What is the shared storage? are nodes added dynamically? Is there a minimum and maximum number of nodes assigned to a site? We need more details. Thank you!

    • Dan Knauss says:

      +500. I’d like to believe the hype again but got burned for years by the grid. This new offering is going to support 1 million pageviews/month, no sweat, no upselling, no “burst mode” or “containers?” I’m not prepared to move in a site with 100k visits per month just on the say so of this blog.

    • MediaTemple says:

      Hey Hubert thanks for the Q’s, apologies for the delay in response but we wanted to make sure we gave you a thorough response here.

      1/What the infrastructure and caching look like?
      We implement 4 layers of caching throughout the stack as well as high performance SSD backed storage. We rely on Varnish, Memcached, PHP APC, and storage L2 caching to maximize performance by minimizing calls to SSD. Our internal testing has shown that our Premium WordPress Hosting is at least equal to the fastest platforms available – and you might want to check this comparative review by Winning WP out:http://winningwp.com/wpengine-vs-media-temple-managed-wordpress-hosting-which-is-faster/

      2/How scalable is it really?
      The system does scale quite nicely. We have customers that have done over a million hits a day, for example.

      3/What is the shared storage?
      Our storage is SSD-based and HA (high availability). We have the fastest available storage; we cache it, and made it redundant to maximize availability.

      4/Are nodes added dynamically?
      Nodes are added dynamically to the cluster as we need to scale the system horizontally.

      5/Is there a minimum and maximum number of nodes assigned to a site?
      There is is no min/max number of nodes assigned to a site. We load balance which node responds for a site as needed.

      • thank you for the response. i meant to reply before, but I have a few more questions:
        – are there plug-ins that are blacklisted, or is there a white list?
        – do you support HTACCESS redirects for legacy sites that may have changed their permalinks?
        – what is the PHP time out or the load-balancer time out? (in seconds) Long admin tasks is typically something that break down over a load balancer or in some sort of shared environment.
        – is it possible to have the /wp-admin/ accessible only over SSL?
        – I’m having a hard time to believe that unlimited pageviews (and potentially compute cycles) could go on for a while. What’s the plan? People who move only to discover that the price will rise sharply may be unhappy.

  16. Dan Knauss says:

    Glad to learn here in the comments this plan has built in caching, but like others I’d like to know more. The marketing page mentions caching once, and I didn’t even notice it the first time I looked there. This is a BIG but subtle little feature if it just works, and it needs to do just that.

  17. Frank McClung says:

    Well, I wanted to try out the new WP managed hosting by moving one of my GS WordPress websites over. Looks like there isn’t an easy way to do that according to support. You must change your primary domain on your GS, back up everything, then delete the GS domain for the site, then open up a new WP Managed account, then migrate your website to the new managed WP server. Awful, awful process. There’s no reason why either there isn’t a simple way to migrate from GS over to the WP managed or at least let one set up their domain on WP managed that’s already on the Grid and then flip a switch when ready. The tech mentioned that MT is working on a better migration tool. Any estimate as to when this will be ready? For now, quite a show stopper for those sites on the GS wanting to change over.

    • MediaTemple says:

      Really sorry about that Frank. I do understand the frustration. Right now, you have to completely remove the domain that is attached to the Grid account before adding it to the Premium WordPress service. The agent was right, we are working on a better way but in these early stages, we do not have that at the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience that may cause. ^DJ

      • Frank McClung says:

        Disappointing. Clearly migrating from GS to the new WP hosting wasn’t on the top of the list for launch. Could you please let your management team know that finding a better, easier solution is a very high priority for your existing GS customers who want to move sites over.

  18. beGrown... beSexy... says:

    I hope you guys are still here to answer… I want to give your hosting a shot, but I want to know if I don’t like in say a month, what the return policy is. I am playing around with a few different wordpress only hosting sites. I want to be sure that my website can grow and if I need to I can take the site to the next level.

    So if I buy the yearly plan (at the current reduced price) and I don’t like it, what is the return policy?

  19. Frank McClung says:

    Here’s some feedback after using the new WP Premium product for a couple of weeks:
    – Wait times for WP Premium phone support are atrocious even during off peak hours. They are seriously understaffed for this product compared to the Grid support.
    – There is no way to set up email aliases. In general, there are very, very limited options on the server admin side compared to the Grid.
    – The performance on the front end for site response times is noticeably faster. This is the primary reason I switched my site to WP Premium from the Grid, so that is a positive.

    • Frank McClung says:

      More notes on the new WP service from my experience:
      – The WP Premium page on the MT site clearly states that email aliases can be created. They cannot at this point. I brought this to MTs attention and they said they would remove that wording.
      – The WP Premium page also calls the email “business class” which is a joke as there isn’t even a way to auto forward emails.
      – When I moved my site from the GS to WP Premium, the one click migration tool worked like a charm. That was nice.
      – When I moved my email from the GS, MT didn’t have a setting correct on the WP Premium server (they would never specify what it was) and I couldn’t receive emails to my domain for an entire day and lost that business. I had to beg the phone support to check the server settings to finally get it resolved. No apology from MT for their email set up mistake.

    • Frank McClung says:

      Additional note on WP Premium limitations:
      – Making changes to the live site with WP Premium isn’t realistic due to hardware caching and there is no way to turn it off while developing. One has to manually go into the WP Premium admin and flush the cache every time you want to see a change live.

  20. Jhon Mourish says:

    Nice and a very useful blog. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  21. StefsterNYC says:

    How do we shut off Caching? I hate it you can’t see any changes.

  22. Jhon Mourish says:

    Great and a very useful blog for me. I like reading this blog. Keep sharing.

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