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Best Practices for Data Security in the Cloud

The cloud, in its many forms, has permeated workflows worldwide. For most enterprises, the main question regarding cloud migration has changed from “if” to when.” While security is less of a concern due to the cloud’s well-regarded security measures, when data lives in multiple places (like private clouds, public clouds, and on local servers), keeping it secure is a larger challenge than most people think.

Modernizing Business Processes in the Cloud

There are two types of modern enterprises: One, a company that had great success without a digital model, and two, a company whose entire presence is built online….

The Future (and Present) Impact of the Cloud

Cloud adoption is now an inevitable reality for enterprises worldwide. The rate of adoption is powered by a burgeoning cloud managed services market that is estimated to grow from $27.15…

The Functional Power of Serverless Computing

The constant evolution of the cloud computing world means new applications, processes, and software are introduced on seemingly a daily basis. But how modern apps and software are…

20 Years of CSS

Initially released on December 17, 1996, CSS is celebrating its 20th year of being an essential web style language. Web trends seemingly change over night, but here are five major events in…

A Cloud-Based Internet of Things Is Here

The cloud has reached such a point of maturity that the services that come with it are just as important as the cloud’s main benefits themselves. Like so…

The Complete Beginners Guide to Cron, Part 1

Cron is one of the most popular and basic utilities found on Unix systems. Combined with other tools, cron makes it exceptionally easy to automate a broad range of tasks on your server.

Multiple Clouds in the Modern Workflow

The evolution of the digital workflow opened up a whole new marketplace for cloud-based productivity apps and software The sales pitch is almost the same: Improved workflow, portability, cost-efficiency, fewer infrastructure changes, and all powered by the cloud. Almost never locked into one ecosystem, modern employees use multiple clouds to power their always on, anywhere, any time workflow.

APAC’s Cloud Ambitions

The most populous region of the world has turned to the cloud to get the foundational infrastructure it needs to power its rapid digital transformation. Enter a tripartite…

OpenStack’s New Home? The Private Cloud

OpenStack has been on the tip of the tongue of so many players in the infrastructure world for the better part of this decade. And for good reason: The free open source software platform, generally deployed as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS), has a multitude of cloud-related functions.

Is It Time to Re-Examine Your IT Tool Set?

Moving to the cloud comes with its own unique set of challenges. While replacing local software with like-for-like cloud replacements can be an easy experience, internal systems are…

Atlassian Leverages AWS to Power Their European Cloud

In what appears to be a common trend in 2017, cloud-based companies have found a burgeoning market of European enterprises who need access to zippy software and technology….

IT Teams Are Told to Spend More on the Cloud

As cloud adoption is in full swing, so to is cloud spending. Particularly at the enterprise level. This month, industry analyst firm 451 Research released their latest research…

Balancing Apps on the Cloud or On-Premises

It sounds easy: When a company is ready to migrate their apps to the cloud, they take inventory and just have to assess which ones would be ideal…

IT Consumption in the Cloud Evolution

Unlike almost every industry, the history of digital and cloud computing has a large paper trail, with the seismic shifts really beginning in the 1980s with the first local area networks (LAN), followed by the proliferation of PCs, first, and then laptops and mobile devices. Now, in 2017, we’re clearly in the heyday of of the cloud.

Avoiding the Main Pitfalls of Cloud Migration

Moving digital assets and workflows onto the cloud does present multiple challenges, especially when done by the in-house IT team. The biggest one is that these potential pitfalls…