Outdoor enthusiasts love him. Grizzly bears hate him. Meet the man behind Yeti Coolers, makers of the most rugged and best insulated ice chests we've ever seen.

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Yeti Coolers


Location: Austin, TX
website: yeticoolers.com
(mt) customer since: 2012
(mt) plan: DV

We got a call from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee saying ‘we think your cooler might be bear resistant.’ It turned into a big marketing angle for us really telling that durability story.

– Roy Seiders, Founder/CEO

Roy Seiders went from the high end aluminum boat business to the premium cooler business. His boats were dependable and strong. But the different coolers he took along on his many boating trips were not. The discovery led to a new idea and a new business plan from the future founder and CEO of Yeti Coolers.

Yeti takes pride in their coolers’ extreme resilience against Mother Nature. Yeti’s customers have been known to have a little fun and go out of their way to test the coolers’ toughness, too. They’ve been deliberately smashed to the ground and stayed intact. They’ve been flung from a hilltop and survived the fall just fine. We even hurled a Yeti cooler from our own office roof and couldn’t break it.

Perhaps most tellingly, Seiders realized he unintentionally made a cooler so strong that, when latched, even a mad and hungry bear couldn’t pry it open.

Watch the video and meet the man who made a cooler as durable as an aluminum boat. Made on (mt).



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