“Rock’n Roll begets Rock’n Roll” could be the mantra at The Uprising Creative. The Uprising team simply makes brand interactions that rock.

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The Uprising


Location: Los Angeles, CA
website: theuprisingcreative.com
(mt) customer since: 2007
(mt) plan: DV

It really was a series of irresponsible decisions that led to us being successful at what we do.

– Darren, Partner, The Uprising

The Uprising is the design firm started by Jeff Nicholas and Darren Craig, two artists who quit their day jobs in order to follow their creative passions. What began as an audacious labor of love with humble beginnings – primarily design work for local bands – has morphed into a company nearing twenty employees with offices in Los Angeles and London.

At The Uprising, Nicholas and Craig lead a team of artists working across many disciplines – from print projects to web to merchandise development. The firm’s list of clients is vast and covers many different professional fields, but Nicholas and Craig still hold true to their music roots. The Uprising has done work for some of the world’s biggest music artists including Foo Fighters, Kanye West, and Justin Timberlake.

Watch the video and meet the duo who started an international design company out of their apartments. Made on (mt).


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  1. Ah, i love these! I’ve been a customer since 2008… (couldn’t believe it)… and you guys have powered my road into entrepreneurship (tons of startups… i’ve had tons of fun). If you ever want a neat story about how you guys have been a part of my story, i’m super-willing to share!

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