Strong Sports Gymnasium is a downtown L.A. training club that doesn't look - or smell - like the stereotypes. Get an inside look at this innovative MMA gym and its founder, Willard Ford.

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Strong Sports


Location: Los Angeles, CA
(mt) customer since: 2012
(mt) plan: Grid

 There’s just something so pure about it. When you hit something hard or you tackle somebody, it’s irrefutable. When you go live or active or are sparring, that’s when you know what you know.

– Willard Ford, Founder

Willard Ford is the founder of Strong Sports – a Los Angeles gym that specializes in many forms of martial arts teaching, including MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Olympic weightlifting.

Ford is passionate about the pure tangibility of martial arts and his clean, no nonsense gym reflects that philosophy. Once a fighter steps inside the ring or onto the mat at Strong Sports, “you know what you know.” You either have the skills to knock someone out or you don’t. There are no workarounds or lucky shots. You can’t cheat. If you cheat you get beat.

Ford and his staff of fight professionals at Strong Sports teach the science of martial arts. The gym is not catered to those simply seeking a good workout. You’ll certainly sweat at Strong Sports, but they’ll also teach you the art and craft of fighting. As Ford says, “Pretending is great. But doing is better.”

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