Keith Scharwath is a Los Angeles-based sign painter. Utilizing everything from butter knives to phone books and a can of 1 Shot, Keith shows us his process and talks about preserving this unique art.

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Keith Scharwath


Location: Los Angeles, CA
(mt) customer since: 2007
(mt) plan: Grid

Every sign was painted by hand up until the digital age. This was a career for many people. When vinyl signs were introduced, everything changed. This could potentially just disappear.

– Keith Scharwath, Sign Painter

Keith Scharwath is a Los Angeles based sign painter. His work of personal and often simple expression harkens back to the golden handmade sign-painting era, before the digital age turned these brush-to-material artists into a dying breedt.

Scharwarth paints his signs in his garage using materials from around his house and the garbage he finds on the street. A page out of a phone book acts as his palette, a butter knife from his kitchen mixes his paint. It’s this kind of cost-reducing ingenuity along with Scharwarth’s hustle that has allowed his sign business to thrive.

Before going to school to study the art of signmaking, it was a combination of Scharwatch’s resolve and creative curiosity that helped him develop his technique. Scharwatch credits much of his learning to talking with local sign makers in the community whose work inspired him.

Watch the video and meet the curious artist who discovered he liked painting signs the old-fashioned way. Made on (mt).


  • I would love one of these signs in my house. Media Temple rules for hosting this guy’s blog.

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  • Ara

    Wow. Super sweeeeeet.

  • Justin Young

    Keith’s signs are awesome! Thanks for the rad video

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    • Uh oh! I’ll let someone know about that…

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