L.A.’s Atwater Village neighborhood is the epicenter of a growing local craft-brew movement, thanks to Golden Road.

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Golden Road


Location: Los Angeles, CA
website: goldenroad.la
(mt) customer since: 2012
(mt) plan: Grid

I wanted to make some beers that defined the style of LA. People wanted the beer, but nobody put their toe in the water to get started.

–TONY YANOW, Co-Founder

It was their love of beer and their city of Los Angeles that led co-founders Tony Yanow and Meg Gill on the pioneering adventure to open Golden Road Brewery and pub in 2011.

Demand was great for high-quality, locally made beer in Los Angeles when Tony and Meg began thinking about opening a brewery. Since nobody else seemed ready to put their toe in the water, Tony and Meg decided to jump in and lead the movement. Along the way, they questioned everything, from the brewpub’s location to whether bottling or canning produces a better beer.

The result of Tony and Meg’s pioneering efforts is Golden Road Brewing. In true collective spirit, the two partners brought together a melting pot of innovative collaborators to achieve their vision – to create the best possible beer from local ingredients that captures the culture and spirit of Los Angeles.

Watch the video and meet the two pioneering brew masters whose city defined their beer. Made on (mt).


  • http://www.jonsetzen.com/ Jon Setzen

    I love Golden Road. Their beers are the best!

  • Justin Young

    Point The Way is my favorite IPA! Thanks for the behind the scenes look!

  • Maggie Tielker

    Great feature. After living in Milwaukee, WI for 8 years, I really missed the fantastic local breweries. Golden Road is among the best & does Los Angeles proud. :)

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