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Europe Is Getting Cloud Fever, Too

Just like all hosting, the cloud is powered by ground-level machines and housed climate-cooled data centers across the globe. Silicon Valley-based Equinix, Inc. announced last week that Equinix…

Why IT Teams Should Be Thankful for Managed Cloud Hosting

Digital agencies, financial firms, small and medium enterprises, all are migrating more applications and workloads to the cloud every day. In fact, the cloud is having such a…

Making the Cloud Work For You – Don’t Do It Alone

Enlisting the help of a managed services provider can help your organization extend its hosting capabilities and reduce the burden on its internal IT department. It can equip your organization with a deeper level of support and expertise than you may have available in-house and help you significantly reduce cloud-related costs.

How AWS’ 16 Geographic Regions Aided Salesforce’s Expansion into Australia

Expanding a product line overseas presents unique infrastructure challenges, particularly when you’re a multinational pillar for customers who need reliable and almost-instant access to your services. Meet the…

Behind the Cloud

As enterprise-level organizations across the globe leaning on the cloud for mission-critical projects have learned: The cloud’s advantage is not just from utilizing the cloud itself. And while…

A Roadmap to Realizing Your Cloud Potential

According to a recent enterprise cloud report, managed services could account for one fifth of all spending on IT services by 2019. Why are businesses leveraging managed services…

Six Great Responsive WordPress Themes

Ready to redesign your site? Here are six responsive WordPress themes that can give you a fresh look in 2017. Hestia – Utilizing a Material-UI kit and reminiscent…

The SXSWi 2017 Recap

Our 17th year at SXSW Interactive was also our tenth year hosting the Closing Party. Can we go so far as to say it was a decade of greatness?…

Behind the Scenes with The Little Friends of Printmaking

In the days leading up to SXSWi, the streets of Austin take on a whole new identity. Fliers are distributed on every corner to check out the latest driverless car or newest automation app, while 6th street becomes a veritable canvas of band posters and stickers for the thousands of concerts that will rock Austin venues both large and small.

Seven Integral WordPress Plugins

As WordPress grows with every core update, so do the wide variety of plugins that become essential to the world’s most popular CMS. Here are some of our…

SXSWI is (almost) here!

SXSW Interactive is only a few days away, and here are all the details on what you’ve been waiting for: The Media Temple Open House and the SXSWi…

Meet Media Temple: Mary Lowe

A company’s culture often reveals itself in the extremes, like the large events and little knick knacks around the office. To that extent, the person responsible for all…

Fresh Optimizations to our Managed WordPress Plans

For the last 18 years, we, at Media Temple, have constantly used customer feedback to iterate on and improve our solutions. Our Customer-First philosophy has enabled us to continue delivering on our commitment to bringing our customers peace of mind, allowing them to spend less time managing their servers, and focus on running their businesses.

Our Favorite Contest Entries (So Far)

There’s less than two weeks left in our CSS-Tricks contest and some of the entries have been simply stunning.

Here are some of the entries that have amused us the most, so far. We’ve kept them anonymous to protect the guilty… we mean innocent parties. These submissions aren’t the ‘front-runners’ for the contest, but to be fair, the hilarious nature certainly doesn’t hurt.

We Love All Your Pixels – Happy Valentine’s Day

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Media Temple’s Creative Team
Really Loves You

Seven Reasons to Love PHP 7

Released in late 2015, PHP 7 was the first major PHP release in over a decade, skipping over the cancelled PHP 6 to provide a whole slew of modern updates. Here are some of our favorite features.