Supporting and partnering with artists has been a passion of ours since the beginning of (mt) Media Temple. So it would make sense when we commissioned the talented and world renowned illustrator and (mt) client, McBess, to create a custom shirt design for our Social Support team, known here at (mt) headquarters as the 140 Team.

We got along with McBess so well, we were inspired to make our relationship public and invite others to celebrate in our joy! Without further adieu, we introduce the Make Your Best McBess Contest

Make Your Best McBess!

Brought to you by (mt), McBess and supported by The Fox Is Black.

McBess has generously given us a pack of vector elements commonly seen in his works. YOUR CHALLENGE is to take these elements and assemble your own original piece of art. Here’s a sneak-peek at what you’ll be working with:

How to Participate

  • Download the McBess Element pack in either EPS or JPG format.
  • Select at least 3 of the 10 McBess files, as well as 1 (mt) Media Temple logo from the provided pack
  • Use the images you’ve chosen as a starting point to create your own brilliant piece of art
  • Submit your piece to our Flickr group linked below
  • Submissions Open: Now – May 6th @5PM PDT *
    • You need a Flickr account. (It’s free if you don’t have one.)
    • Yes, this will need to be a digitized version of you work. Follow Flickr guidelines for uploading.

Submit Your (mt) McBess Here!


McBess’ Choice:

Photoshop or Illustrator CS5, Unique McBess Print & Media Booklet, a one-time $200 (mt) hosting credit, (mt) 140 shirt & swag

The Fox Is Black Choice

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX78 12.1 MP Digital Camera (Leica 24-120mm Zoom Lens equiv.), Unique McBess Print & Media Booklet, a one-time $200 (mt) hosting credit, (mt) 140 shirt & swag

(mt)’s Choice

Wacom Intuos4 Medium Tablet, Unique McBess Print & Media Booklet, a one-time $200 (mt) hosting credit, (mt) 140 shirt & swag.

People’s Choice:

iPad 2 16GB, McBess Media Booklet, (mt) 140 shirt & swag


There will be 4 unique winners, one winner chosen by each of our 3 sponsors and a People’s Choice.

  1. McBess Choice
  2. The Fox Is Black Choice
  3. (mt) Media Temple Choice
  4. People’s Choice: This will be the fan favorite, which you have some control over. Once you’ve submitted your piece, your flickr friends can then “Star” aka “Favorite” your photo in our Flickr Group. Voting open until May 8th at Midnight PDT! Get the most votes and take the prize!

Ready To Get Started?

This is your chance! Gather your tools and creative ideas. Feel free to start working now. We look forward to seeing your art!

Download the assets: EPS or JPG

Submit Your (mt) McBess Here!

Special thanks to our Community Sponsor, Bobby Solomon from The Fox Is Black; an art and design website seeking out and sharing the most interesting, beautiful and inspiring parts of contemporary life.


*Update: Hi everyone! We understand there was a mix-up with a partner’s post and want to let you know that while it is too late for inclusion in the People’s Choice category, we are including all of your entires, submitted through May 8th, in the rest of the categories. We are sorry for the confusion, but you all are still in the running! Keep an eye out as we will be posting the winners as soon as the judges decisions have been made.