Today is an exciting day for developers, engineers and system administrators who use (mt). We are very excited to release the ProDev API to the public. We mentioned when we launched (ve) Server and ProCDN that we would be continuing to create products and features tailored to our more advanced users, and the API is the latest and most exciting piece of that initiative.

What Can I Do with The ProDev API?

The API methods focus on two areas: Service info and controls, and Performance Stats. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Provision a new (ve) Server or (dv) 4.0 Server
  • Access realtime and historical server status info
  • Reboot your server(s)
  • List IP’s
  • List primary, access domains, and hostservers
  • Securely set your root password
  • Securely set Plesk password (if applicable)
  • Flush firewall rules (iptables)
  • Instantly add temporary disk space
  • List your (mt) hosting & add-on services
  • Check your account billing status

The ProDev API is accessible from all (mt) Media Temple (dv), (ve) and Nitro services. It gives you access to many AccountCenter functions, as well as server controls for all (dv), (ve) and Nitro services that are attached to your account, with a single key.

How Do I Access The API?

Our RESTful interface implements JAX-RS with Jersey using the Grails framework. Both XML and JSON content types are supported for Requests and Responses. To gain access, you can generate and download your API key from AccountCenter at any time.

Documentation of the API and its many methods is available in the (mt) Community Wiki :

We plan on continuing to enrich the API with useful features as time passes and we have some great ideas about what to add to the API, but we want to hear what features are most useful to you. If you have suggestions please leave us a note in the comments. To learn more and get started head over to the ProDev API area.

One last thing… Thank you to everyone who joined the API Beta and helped us make it ready for the entire (mt) community. We couldn’t have done it without you!