We wanted to let you know about the progress we have been making with the (gs) Grid-Service platform. Coming soon we’re going to devote a section of our weblog to keep you up-to-date on what’s been keeping us busy. Have a look at what our (gs) team has been doing.


06/06/2008 – Git libraries added:
A version control system that is all the rage right now. Search our KnowledgeBase to Git with the program!

06/10/2008 – RubyGems Updated:
The latest versions and a much easier installation process. Get your gems all at once now!

05/27/2008 – PHP updated to 5.2.6:
The latest stable PHP release that includes all of the security patches is now available for our shared hosting platform.

05/19/2008 – Email load drastically reduced:
A more robust authentication system was brought online to get rid of those pesky errors that have plagued us in the past. The “421; too much  load, try again later” errors have become a thing of the past.

05/19/2008 – @mail upgrade to 5.2:
The @mail webmail software used on the (gs) has been upgraded to 5.2. We also plan to release more frequent updates to this software in the future as they become available.

05/13/2008 – DNS gets a facelift:
PowerDNS launched.  Response times have improved from around the globe for all our hosted services.  Internal processes, like zone file changes, are quicker now too.

05/06/2008 – Storage keeps on getting better:
We’ve learned some things and made some changes. The result: fewer Scheduled Maintenances, the end of the “micro-outage”, stability improvements, and a re-architected method of attaching our storage arrays to clusters; this means happier times for everyone!

04/10/2008 – Subversion updated:
We bumped the version of SVN up to 1.4.2 on the Grid. We’re using the latest version officially supported by the Debian Operating System.

03/03/2008 – Improved SSH sessions:
Your connections should be more stable. In addition, we have increased our security checks to prevent DDOS attacks.

–Ongoing – MySQL:

SmartPool v2 improved:
Since launching SmartPool v2, we’ve taken our experience and combined it with consultations with the MySQL team at the 2008 MySQL Conference & Expo. We’ve made significant improvements to the SmartPool v2 system. A basic one is lower density SmartPool servers while doubling the amount of available pool servers. This has shown to improve baseline performance for pool users and brings us closer to eliminating the “bad neighbor” effect!

–Other MySQL Improvements

11/01/2007 – Tweak your MySQL easily and instantly:
Users of our (gc) MySQL GridContainer technology now have the ability to make changes to their my.cnf directly from the WebControl! This is big news for anyone who wants their database server set up just the way they like it. This new feature also includes the ability to “roll back” to the default configuration!

10/09/2007 – Multiple database users for SmartPool v2:
You asked and we delivered! Based on customer feedback and popular demand from our User Forums, we upped the limit on MySQL users for SmartPool v2 sites to 5. You can have up to 5 users without needing a container, and you have granular control over each user’s permissions.


03/31/2008 – 1-Click Magento:
“Open source e-commerce evolved.” Now just a click away!

03/31/2008 – 1-Click Upgrader for WordPress2.5:
This is just the beginning.  We will implement this with our other installers soon!

03/11/2008 – uControl:
With this new feature we helped make everyone’s life easier! If you’re the “website guy/gal” for your company, you no longer need to be the one changing everyone’s passwords and email preferences; they can now do it all on their own, freeing you up to get more important stuff done…


(mt) Labs

Summer ’08 – Django:
We have gotten tremendous amounts of feedback and positive refinements from our (gc) Django GridContainer BETA program. Expect a product launch coming very soon including a couple of unexpected surprises!

Fall ’08 – MySQL 5:
MySQL 5 is coming to the (gs)!. We’re currently getting things right for the beta and will be contacting all of our applicants with more info soon!

Winter ’08 – Cluster-Server:
The successor to the (gs) Grid-Service. Stay tuned to the (mt) Labs page for updates, new information, and a future private BETA test!

On the Horizon – MailProtect gets tougher:
Spam is in for a bumpy ride through our pipes. Using the latest bleeding-edge tools we will take email protection to the next level!

On the Horizon – Backup Tool Restored and more:
We’re waving goodbye to the File Manager as you know it.  Get ready for more functionality and operations, including the backup/restore features you’ve come to expect from us!