(mt) Media Temple is proud to announce the upcoming release of its second GRID system upgrade (GMR v.1.2). Combining another series of stability enhancements, micro-updates, end-user requests, bug fixes, and new features – this latest release signifies another major improvement to the overall (gs) Grid-Server system.

(GMR v.1.2) will begin deployment on production clusters inside the GRID Friday 03/02/2007. A scheduled maintenance notice will follow including the details and time of the version release.

Highlights of (GMR v.1.2)

  • Core count (800+). After the release of (GMR v.1.2), the combined processor cores in all Clusters will total over 800 and produce massive processing horsepower for customers.
  • MySQL GridContainers (in private beta). As previously referenced in the detailed weblog article “Anatomy of MySQL on the GRID“, (mt) Media Temple has completely re-architected the MySQL system on the GRID. This gives each customer their own container server with dedicated resources, an industry first, that’s running an unshared copy of MySQL. Please consult the new “MySQL Container Project Log” to learn more about this new database architecture. Engineers are also requesting dialog with more beta users so please visit the aforementioned link if you are interested in participating.
  • Improved Email Functionality. Numerous changes and patches made to the email sub-system including improved email delivery times, resolution of random duplicate email issue, virus scanning issues resolved, and improved MailProtect anti-SPAM recognition. An overhaul of the allow-lists envelope sender component, and new sender-verify override feature are also included.
  • Improved FTP. Faster FTP connection setups, and improved overall transfer rates. Large FTP transfers include better connection handling and several other configuration enhancements.
  • 400% increase in storage performance. Through various code optimizations and hardware reconfigurations, the GRID has achieved massive improvements in overall storage performance resulting in faster page load times, script execution, mail delivery, and a plethora of overall system benefits.
  • Network Speed Increase. Reconfigured back-end network fabric that utilizes next generation hardware and software to improve speed and reliability of intercommunication between GRID segments. This results in a positive improvement across all applications.
  • New Clustered DNS. Improves speed of internal name resolution within the GRID which results in overall performance enhancement in applications such as web, email, containers, etc.
  • More and more.
    • 25% faster control panel access.
    • Enhanced CRON system.
    • Reworked directory password protection tool resulting in better usability.
    • New stable kernel releases installed along with custom patches to create a platform for future enhancements.

We hope that you enjoy the many improvements of (GMR v.1.2). (mt) Media Temple would like to thank all of the users that contributed feedback that lead to these improvements. Our customer’s direct feedback and experiences has been incredibly helpful and our systems are now more powerful and running better with your help. As always, we encourage users to continue telling us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to see in the future. GMR (v.1.3) is already in development and its release cycle is expected to be much shorter than (GMR v1.1) to (GMR v1.2).

Thank you again!
(mt) Media Temple